eGold Mining
Stand No: 19

eGold Mining will be the first profit-sharing cryptocurrency mining company in the United States. The eGM team is dedicated to maximizing monthly payouts for all eGM token holders and providing a new source of passive income.

Making money during a bear market is almost impossible. But it doesn’t have to be anymore.

eGold Mining plans to be the first United States legally compliant cryptocurrency mining operation that pays eGM token holders dividends every month regardless of the state of the market.

With eGM’s wholesale prices on all expenses associated with mining, diversification of mining services, team of experts dedicated to maximizing profits, and backing of eGM tokens with valuable commodities, an investment in eGold Mining will be extremely beneficial for all those who love to ‘HODL’.

By eliminating the risks, fees, and maintenance issues associated with cryptocurrency mining, everyone can earn their rightful share of cryptocurrency mining profits through a trustworthy, halal, and profitable venture.


Speaking at the event: 

Innovations & Investors Zone

Day 1 – 04:50pm

eGold Mining – Providing A Monthly Passive Income Through Cryptocurrency Mining

Mohammad Abrahim Nasim, Vice President, eGold Mining

Mohammad Avais Khan, Founder/President, eGold Mining