DatChat Inc

DatChat Inc. is a blockchain, cybersecurity, and social media company that not only focuses on protecting privacy on personal devices, but also protects user information after it is shared with others. DatChat believes peoples’ right to privacy should not end the moment they click send, share, or post, and that everyone deserves the same right to privacy online that they enjoy in their living rooms. DatChat’s flagship product, the DatChat Messenger & Private Social Network, is a patented privacy platform and mobile application that provides users the ability to communicate and share with the privacy and protection they deserve.


The DatChat platform allows users to exercise control over their messages and posts. Users can delete messages that they send on their own device and the recipient’s device as well. There is no set time limit within which they must exercise this choice. In addition, users can delete entire conversations at any time via the “nuke” function, making it like the conversation never even happened. More so, DatChat includes a screenshot protection system, which makes it virtually impossible for the recipient to screenshot a message or picture before it gets destroyed.