Stand No: 792

Blockparty is revolutionizing digital assets on the blockchain. Built on Ethereum, the Blockparty blockchain provides Layer 2 infrastructure for non-fungible digital asset marketplaces, such as event and airline tickets, digital music, art and gaming. We combine digital identity technology and quantum smart contracts (ERC-721 + ERC-20) to enable fraud-proof high frequency digital asset transfers and resale.

Our first application is in event ticketing. Ticketing is broken – fake tickets, bots, scalpers, unfair prices. Blockparty is designed to solve all this. And our native token provides rewards that can move tickets. The building blocks of Blockparty’s system include two new revolutionary technologies: 1. Digital Identity: Digital Identity encrypts a user’s facial recognition or touch ID scan and associates this “digital fingerprint” with the ticket, which eliminates fraud while enabling ticket transfers. 2. Quantum Smart Contracts. Quantum Contracts seamlessly combine non-fungible (ERC-721) and ERC-20 tokens, which enables a highly scalable protocol for non-standardized assets.

The Blockparty team comprises leaders from the ticketing, music festival, blockchain and cryptocurrency industries – from organizations including Ticketmaster, NME, Metal Pay and a blockchain exit. The protocol is currently being utilized by music festivals, technology events and ticketing companies.


Speaking at the event: 

Blockchain for Business

Day 2: 2:00PM

Panel: Blockchain for the entertainment industry

Shiv Madan, CEO, Blockparty