Blockchain App Factory
Stand No: 742

Blockchain App Factory has provided innovative solutions to clientele across the furthest ends of business and scale spectrum. We have also catered to one of the largest Logistics company who makes more than 9 Million deliveries on their busiest day to keep operational equilibrium through real-time tracking from the production factory to the retail outlet. Also, we have built capabilities for one of the largest fast food chains who are able to track tens of thousands of their food deliveries in real time through seamless means. 

We are honoured to be part of a revolution in the Fintech industry by ensuring that real estate giants are able to raise funds for their projects by tokenizing their illiquid assets. The potential for Finance Markets on Blockchain motivated us to create legally compliant asset tokenization platform.

 A 200+ team growing every day, with fully staffed blockchain R&D department, proficient engineers, caring delivery heads, compelling content writers and sensational marketers. Blockchain App Factory is a technological giant in the making and we are creating a brand that our customers have come to love and bring repeat business.