BTCBIT –  is a reliable and convenient cryptocurrency exchange service provider and payment processor that deliver services in more than

  • GeniPaper


    Genipaper is a one-stop media hub where you can create, distribute and process payments for high quality original film,

  • ViRSE


    Flightdeck VR powered by ViRSE provides the latest and most advanced immersive hardware technology for Virtual/Augmented Reality, and 3D.

  • Applicature


    Applicature is a blockchain development agency working on projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. We review companies’ business models

  • Sensfix


    About us: sensfix is Asset Management As-A-Service Platform on Blockchain which enables machines across industries and facilities to automatically

  • Smart Mimic


    Portable security devices and platform that provides immediate security solutions while understanding and adapting customer needs. Overview Mimic collects

  • Verismart


    We are an identity blockchain platform creating global trust platform for instant identity sharing by KYC (Know your customer)

  • CoolBitX


    CoolBitX’s CoolWallet S is a revolutionary mobile cold storage hardware wallet for your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash,

  • Beam


    Beam is a decentralized crypto currency with strong scalability, confidentiality and compliance support built into the protocol. To assure

  • Token Agency


    Token agency is a full-service consulting firm dealing in initial coin offerings (icos) for cutting-edge businesses and services. We

  • Boardwalktech


    Boardwalktech was the first company to develop a now patented positional cell data management technology. We were also the

  • Fuergy


    FUERGY is designed to be the cornerstone of the new energy ecosystem, through the unique hardware device, AI-powered software

  • BeTreasury


    BeTreasury is a company created for the sole purpose of creating a crypto-ecosystem for financial applications. The first project

  • ProCurrency

  • Docademic


    Docademic is the only blockchain-based healthcare service platform that provides free basic healthcare through live video calls. Patients download

  • Motobloq by Concipio


    Concipio is a blockchain development company focused on creating blockchain solutions for real-world applications. To illustrate our approach (and

  • Crest Token


    Crest is a self-sufficient, multifunctional, community-centric ecosystem built around a blockchain-based advertising platform called the Crest DigiAd Platform. It

  • Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries


    Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries is a Cayman Islands law firm specialising in the funds industry with specific experience in

  • Cybervein


    The CyberVein network is the first Distributed Ledger System allowing for the decentralized management of complex databases on the

  • Bee Token


    The Bee Token consists of a team from Google, Facebook, Uber, and Civic taking on the mission of decentralized

  • BCL Foundation


    BCL Chain is Japan’s first full-scale public blockchain service for enterprise for tokenized value exchange business. It is lightweight

  • LastRoots


    LastRoots provides a unique service by combination blockchain and video advertisements called c0ban.tv.c0ban is the world’s first crypto currency

  • Quintric


    Quintric’s revolutionary platform allows for the convenient use of gold and silver as a digital currency. By tokenizing ownership

  • LGO Launch


    LGO Launch functions to expand your organization’s reach to the wider cryptocurrency community. We are a full-spectrum content creation

  • Cryptowerk


    Cryptowerk is the leading data integrity company, using blockchain to authenticate digital assets at scale. With Cryptowerk, organizations can

  • Blocknet


    The Blocknet is a second layer interoperability protocol that enables blockchains to interact and communicate with other blockchains. This

  • Insolar


    Managing enterprise relationships at growing scale, Insolar connects today’s legacy systems to technologies of tomorrow. We enable businesses to

  • Sepior


    Sepior’s solutions are based on breakthrough innovations in threshold cryptography, using multiparty computation (tMPC), a relatively new and rapidly

  • Morpher


    Morpher empowers its users to trade unlimited markets with zero fees and infinite liquidity.

  • Blocksafe


    Blocksafe is a technology company focused on providing blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) to individuals and companies seeking to improve the quality

  • GoChain


    GoChain is a scalable, Ethereum based smart contract blockchain that is fast, secure and green. It enables DApp and

  • Maxonrow


    Maxonrow is the world’s most comprehensive blockchain ecosystem. It is the first network in the world that will connect

  • MDx Blocks


    MDxBlocks is a startup founded by industry experts with a focus on Blockchain and its full stack, by delivering

  • Blueshare


    Blueshare security token is the easiest and fastest way to own shares in a company which is in the

  • eGold Mining


    eGold Mining will be the first profit-sharing cryptocurrency mining company in the United States. The eGM team is dedicated

  • Trading Platform


    DO YOU WANT A CRYPTO EXCHANGE? WE BUILD IT FOR YOU. Trading platform is blockchain and software devolopment company

  • IBM


    IBM is building a blockchain for business with world’s most innovative organizations. As a founding and premier member of

  • Aurorachain


    Aurora makes a breakthrough in the Blockchain world. By applying DPOS+BFT consensus mechanisms, we create lightning-fast contracts to link

  • Heatmine


    Heatmine built the first decentralized eco-friendly crypto mining company. Heatmine has developed a technology that recycles heat energy spent

  • Hello Diamonds


    Such as fiat money was backed by Gold before 1971, Hello Diamonds launches a crypto token backed 100% by

  • CSJ Legal


    We are driven by the ambition of becoming the leading corporate law firm in the area of Australian financial/credit

  • AS Corporate Advisory


    Based in Sydney, Australia, AS has brunches in the UK, Dubai, Hong Kong and New Zealand, integrating global resources

  • Empire Puzzle


    Club of investors moving to Blockchain, Tokenizing real estate assets and make them available for members to invest globally,

  • Newgen Software


    Newgen Software Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of Newgen Software Technologies Limited, is a provider of Business Process Management, Enterprise

  • Finance Malta


    FinanceMalta, a non-profit public-private initiative, was set up to promote Malta as an international Business & Financial Centre, both

  • Cryptohopper


    Cryptohopper is the revolutionary new way to trade cryptocurrencies. It allows you to take full advantage of all possible

  • XcelTrip


    XcelTrip is built on idea that travel should be about seamless Experiences and Wonderful Memories not just travelling from

  • Coingeo


    CoinGeo is a Secure Crypto Exchange, built for ease of trading and transparency driven by advance technology. CoinGeo is

  • Blockchain Foundry


    Blockchain Foundry Inc. was founded in 2016 by the development team responsible for creating the Syscoin protocol in 2014.

  • Openledger

    Stand594b / 593

    OpenLedger ApS is dedicated to bringing the power of blockchain technology to the wider business world. Our team of

  • Alt Lending


    Alt Lending is an institutional lending platform that makes U.S. Dollar loans secured by existing blockchain assets of their

  • SAP


    As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology transformation.

  • Hosho


    Hosho is the global leader in blockchain security, specializing in enterprise-grade security services for Fortune 500 and early-stage companies

  • Helium


    Helium is building the world’s first decentralized machine network to simplify connecting anything to the internet through a new

  • Masterworks


    Masterworks lets you buy and sell shares in multi-million dollar works of art using SEC-qualified securities tokens on the

  • Vitae Token


    VITAE (Vee’-Tay) is Latin for LIFE! Vitae is a Utility token for our Social Rewards Website. Providing ease within

  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

  • Whiteblock


    Whiteblock Inc. provides the world’s first scalable test system for blockchain and enterprise DLT developers. Whiteblock’s Blockchain Testing as

  • Manli


    Manli Technology Group Ltd is established in 1996, has been one of major manufacturers and suppliers of Computer Graphics

  • Covault


    Express System USA Inc DBA COVAULT is a company based in Brooklyn, New York with Bitcoin Teller Machine manufacturing

  • Rivetz


    Rivetz offers a number of applications and a developer toolkit to enable a broad range of services from enhanced

  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission


    The CFTC’s Whistleblower Program provides monetary incentives to individuals who report possible violations of the Commodity Exchange Act that

  • Remme


    REMME is a distributed authentication for humans and devices protecting company’s data from cyber attacks while eliminating passwords. No

  • Healthsplash


    HealthSplash, Inc. is a revolutionary platform that brings fast, efficient healthcare to the palm of your hand. It’s designed

  • Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP


    Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP (“ZLD”) is a 40 attorney firm with offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley,

  • Thor Keychain


    Thor is the one-stop mobile platform for blockchain-powered gig economy solutions. We’re giving contractors instant pay, access to affordable

  • Nexty


    Nexty is a Fintech ecosystem which helps e-commerce and technology startups to raise funds from community. Nexty itself has

  • Abacus Financial Services Gibraltar


    Abacus is an independent and privately owned company based in Gibraltar established in 1974. We are leaders in the

  • Infinito


    Infinito Wallet is a multi-asset universal wallet. Hosting leading Cryptocurrency such as BTC,BCH,Dash,LTC and smart contract with their tokens

  • Krambu


    Creating accessible, performance-driven solutions for the blockchain ecosystem. With a diverse, yet focused area of expertise, KRAMBU develops three

  • DeepBrain Chain


    DeepBrain Chain is founded by DBChain Foundation Ltd., it is the world’s first AI computing platform powered by blockchain

  • VisionX


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of our daily lives and changing the way we do business.

  • Achain


    Achain is a public blockchain platform enabling developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contracts, create

  • Blockparty


    Blockparty is revolutionizing digital assets on the blockchain. Built on Ethereum, the Blockparty blockchain provides Layer 2 infrastructure for

  • TraDove


    We just did the first B2B token offering in the global markets and raised $52M. The significance of our

  • SushiChain


    SushiChain is an open source blockchain platform developed using the Crystal programming language. SushiChain features CPU only mining, human

  • DeepCloud AI


    DeepCloud AI is building an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications — IoT and Web 3.0

  • Appsolutely


    Appsolutely is the creator of the Loyalty Economy. It is a blockchain-based omnichannel platform providing a single customer loyalty

  • Information Builders


    Information Builders helps organizations transform data into business value. Our software solutions for business intelligence and analytics, integration, and

  • Navigator Powered by LifeRaft


    LifeRaft’s Navigator platform combs the web in pursuit of potential threats to your corporate security. Posts from open sources

  • Blockpass


    Blockpass is a blockchain identity protocol for the connected world – the Internet of Everything. The goal of Blockpass

  • Gospel


    Gospel Technology is a leading software company in the enterprise blockchain space, fixing data sharing challenges for businesses needing

  • The Blockchain Academy


    CapitalWave Inc.is a global financial training company, and an established leader of technology enabled simulation platforms.  Our training programs

  • Auger.ai


    Auger.ai is an automated machine learning (AutoML) tool that offers “turnkey” machine learning for prediction and classification problems. From

  • Turing


    Turing enables you to deploy the world’s talent with a touch of a button. We have built the first

  • Squirrel AI Learning


    Squirrel AI Learning is the leading AI+ education innovator at the forefront of K12 AI revolution and is also included

  • Vettery


    Vettery connects highly qualified job-seekers directly with top companies. Let’s make Mondays something to celebrate. Make a profile on

  • DeepR


    DeepR is a software system that ingests text documents and images and allows anyone to search through them easily

  • Colovore


    Colovore is the A.I. data center in Silicon Valley. With 35 kW of power in every rack we are

  • Golden Gate University


    Golden Gate University offers a wide range of courses, both on campus and online, for students at all levels

  • ZineOne


    ZineOne is an AI-powered stream processing platform enabling retailers and ecommerce brands to identify event-driven, contextual and personalized customer interactions

  • CogniCor


    CogniCor provides AI-powered interactive assistants for enterprises, enabling them to drive customer experience with natural, intelligent and meaningful conversations. 



    Avaya enables the mission critical, real-time applications of the world’s most important operations. As the global leader in delivering

  • Call Journey


    Call Journey are all about Voice data. Our mission is to unlock every conversation and add Voice into the

  • deepsense.ai


    deepsense.ai helps companies gain competitive advantage by providing them with AI-based end-to-end solutions, with the main focus on computer

  • Harnham


    Having immersed ourselves in the Data & Analytics community for over 10 years, we’ve built and maintained excellent relationships

  • Globant


    Globant is a technology services and digital strategy consulting firm. We create digital journeys for our clients and their

  • A3 Cube Inc


    The Company pioneers the transformation from the high-performance computing systems to high-performance data systems and strongly believes in the

  • Cardiomo


    Cardiomo provides a revolutionary ‘continuous’ cardiac monitoring wearable that tracks vital signs (ECG, heart rate, breath rate, skin temperature)

  • IntelSoft


    IntelSoft is a fully automated platform that can make unique models for all cases within minutes. Using AI methods



    LOOQME is business analytics for public relations function as a service for SMB and regional offices. A platform for

  • Chooch.AI


    Your AI Training Platform – Your Intelligent Eye Chooch is the new standard in AI training, tagging, and predictions

  • Logic Pursuits


    Logic Pursuits, LLC (“LP”) is an analytics company founded in 2016, and headquartered in Chicago, IL with a global sales

  • Chetu


    Chetu is a premier custom software solutions provider offering end-to-end AI & Big Data development services. Chetu’s elite team

  • Optim


    Under the concept of “We make the Net as simple as breathing,” OPTiM sets its mission to change the

  • Griffin Open Systems


    Griffin Open Systems is provider of an open architecture AI platform for industrial automation. The Griffin platform provides an

  • Sigfox USA


    Sigfox USA is the local network operator for Sigfox, the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of

  • Losant


    Losant is an easy-to-use and powerful Enterprise IoT Platform designed to help teams quickly and securely build complex real-time



    Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware,

  • Arm


    Arm defines the pervasive computing shaping today’s connected world. Realized in 100 billion silicon chips, our device architectures orchestrate

  • Cisco


    Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) enables people to make powerful connections –whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity.

  • Zayo Group


    Today’s world runs on bandwidth. That’s not an observation designed to impress you. It’s a fact. There are more

  • AI Data Innovations


    AI Data Innovations is a highly experienced and trusted machine learning data provider with resources around the world. Our

  • WaCare


    WaCare, a healthcare social network for both of you and your families to solve problems coming from people are

  • Prosper Systems


    Prosper Systems is the primary subsidiary of The SenLab Group. Prosper Systems is the creator of Prosper BI. Prosper

  • Resure Technology


    Resure Technology is an AI company based in Santa Clara, CA founded by PhDs and engineers with decades of

  • Winjit


    Winjit is India’s leading provider of innovative engineering solutions. Founded in 2004, Winjit started as a summer internship project

  • SAS


    SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world

  • Intel


    More info coming soon…

  • Ople


    Ople leverages AI to learn and improve on the behavior of elite data scientists to automate the work of

  • MarketsandMarkets


    MarketsandMarkets provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide