Day 2 - 2 December 2022



Chairperson’s Welcome: An Introduction to Tokenization and Digital Assets

An introduction to the day’s themes and key topics…



NFTs – the story so far

  • From ETH Rocks to Beeple’s $7mill deal – mapping NFTs journey to success 
  • Crypto-collectables – when and how should a corporation mint their own token? 
  • Is there anything that can’t be tokenised?  
  • Who benefits? Use cases from different industries 



The New Kid on the Block: Tokenised Real Estate

  • An investor’s perspective – the trade-off between physical and virtual real estate 
  • Fractionalised Investments and the power to buy  
  • Increased liquidity and fluidity of the market – what can we expect in the future of real estate? 



Keynote Panel: The Metaverse

  • How do we currently understand online existence?  
  • The scope of possibility – what types of Metaverse are in development, and which is most likely to dominate future markets? 
  • Security, Tokenisation, Privacy: Blockchain’s usefulness in the Metaverse 
  • Is it all good? Where might virtual existence have its downfalls? 



Proving provenance: the possibilities of evidencing originality

  • Where will we see efficiency gains from blockchain provenance?  
  • Cancelling counterfeits: will any industries suffer? 
  • Regulatory catch up – will the courts recognise blockchain provenance? 


Networking Break



Let’s Talk About Going Public

  • Working up to ICO/IDO – the checklist for new ideas?  
  • How to attract attention and win over the market.   
  • Seize the moment – post-ICO/IDO strategy.



Giving AltCoins the Spotlight

  • AltCoins – a dated name?   
  • The ease of coin creation and the potential consequences of market saturation 
  • How to recognise a good investment 



Keynote Panel: The Future of Digitalised Currency

  • Mapping the Growth of Digitalised Currency – Identifying Indicators of Progress  
  • What are the aims for digitalised currency in 2022-2025?  
  • The Art of Persuasion – how to bring round the critics and move closer to ubiquitous adoption  
  • Starting up and settling in – what is the advice for new innovators in the field? 



Alex Nascimento

Founder - Blockchain at UCLA | Co-Founder

UCLA | 7CC Blockchain Investments

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DeFi 2.0

  • Smart contracts for financial accessibility – what are the user benefits of decentralised finance? 
  • What improvements will we see with DeFi 2.0?  
  • Footprint analytics – what types of DeFi projects are looking to dominate the market share in the coming year?   
Moderator: . Alex Nascimento, Founder - Blockchain at UCLA | Co-Founder , UCLA | 7CC Blockchain Investments



Adoption and Optimization of CBDCs

  • Why are some rich countries hesitant to adopt Central Bank Digital Currencies?  
  • On-boarding problems – what infrastructural adjustments are required to adopt a CBDC?  
  • Wholesale, or retail, or both?   
  • Use cases – what can we learn from countries who already have CBDCs? 



The Absence of Regulation in the Digital Assets Landscape

  • The progress so far – why are regulatory bodies nervous to approach the crypto world? 
  • Future potentials of a governed space – how would better regulation enhance capabilities of digital asset companies? 
  • Fiscal policy and a growing crypto economy – the pros and cons of taxing crypto-assets 

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