Day 1 - 17 March 2020

Innovation Zone

This zone will feature cutting-edge emerging technologies, STO’s & start-ups with new ground-breaking ideas for businesses, alongside top investors & VC’s analyzing the key to success in the industry. After SEC clampdown & crash of ICO’s last year, we are now excited to be hosting a stage in conjunction with the rise of the STO & IEO. The market for Blockchain technologies in enterprise is anticipated to grow again dramatically over the next year.


Innovation Zone: Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

Opening the stage, an industry expert will summarise the current status of the innovation market 


Clarity to the Blockchain Technology Revolution

We delve into the effects of blockchain & why it is such an important innovation movemen


Panel: An investors Q&A – The secrets to a successful start-up

  • Start-ups working with accelerators & incubators
  • The VC process & what investors look for
  • How do you find the right investor for you & what questions should you be asking them?
  • Discussing different strategies to enable Investment into your start-up & the velocity of the market
  • Geographic hot spots & regulatory risk


Networking Break


Developing Prototypes for Blockchain Services

New tools are now enabling business analysts or consultants to build a blockchain PoC in minutes, rather than months. In this talk an expert will go through a step-by-step guide on how to compose your own prototype. 


Exploring opportunities for small-medium companies to join the transformation

Implementation of a blockchain solution doesn’t necessarily mean a huge technology overhaul. All businesses can benefit from the application of blockchain. Here we will learn how. 


Networking Break


Incubating Blockchain Projects

Here we will see how large-scale enterprises are fostering blockchain start-ups to incubate & lead innovation from the inside out. 


How to kick start your innovative idea

Here we will hear insider tips from a reputable investor, on how to catapult your innovative idea into the stratosphere  


Launching Security Token Investments: Finance, Investment & Regulation

  • Investing in an STO – what to look out for? 
  • The rate of adoption of STOs 
  • Showcase of the latest STO launches 
  • The future of the investment landscape – a VC view of the market place 


Session Close

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