Day 1 - 17 May 2023



Chairpersons Welcome: Web3 for Enterprise

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: Web3 Strategies – Understanding the Importance of Web3 Technology for Enterprise

  • How to invest in understanding and realizing Web3’s layers of highly sophisticated ideas and technologies. 
  • How to achieve a competitive advantage through compliance. 
  • Global compliance and risk infrastructure – what new solutions can we expect in 2023? 



Keynote Presentation: Web3 – A Future Focus

  • How will Web3 become a vital approach to the way our IT systems work in the future? 
  • Examining how Web3 will shift the central notions and core technologies that run our organizations, from information technology (IT) to customer experience to our business models and management structures. 



Presentation: Web2.0 vs Web3.0 and the Journey Ahead

  • Transitioning to the more immersive internet – what are the tools and practices enabling the switch?  
  • Building blocks for a successful use case. 
  • Onboarding issues – how to communicate Web3 to traditional industries and audiences.  


Networking Break



Panel: Embracing the Growth of Web3

  • What have we learnt so far in the world of Web3? 
  • A look at business expansion through the lens of Web3 opportunities. 
  • Macro and micro initiatives in the Web3 space.  
  • Is there a ceiling to Web3 expansion?



Presentation: Building Next Generation Enterprise with Web3

  • Characteristics of Web3. 
  • Virtual world enhancements. 
  • Blockchain adoption and scalability challenge – when is blockchain the right solution?  
  • Framework dilemma – private, public, or hybrid? 



Presentation: NFTs, Web3 and the Power of Community

  • The importance of community and what it takes to build it. 
  • How to integrate people on ideas? 
  • Understanding current and future opportunities for business transformation.  


Networking Break



Presentation: The New Loyal – Are Enterprise NFTs the Way Forward?

  • Utility and Interoperability – How can NFTs revolutionize loyalty and reward programs?  
  • Principles and benefits of building a participation brand. 



Presentation: Metaverse – The New Future of Work?

  • Metaverse as means of virtual co-creation and meeting environments 
  • Brand Activation vs Brand Extension Tool? – Extending services and products to the metaverse rather than approaching it as one-time activation 
  • Addressing the misconceptions around the Metaverse utilization. 



Presentation: Decentralised Solutions

To follow soon …



Presentation: Web3 Apps – Creating Decentralized Experiences

To follow soon …


Networking Break



Panel: A Tidal Wave of Disruption – Connecting New Technologies within a Blockchain Context

  • AI and Blockchain: the complexities of the trade-off between efficiency and functionality  
  • The prosperous partnership of IoT and Blockchain – what does the future look like?  
  • How does 5G complement blockchain in the process of market expansion?  
  • The evolution of Web3 technologies and enterprise blockchains. 



Presentation: DAOs as a Business-Building Opportunity

  • Why should we care about DAOs?  
  • DAO business model explained. 
  • Challenges and opportunities in DAO adoption.  



Presentation: Brand Metaverse Experimentation

  • How do you successfully transition into the metaverse? 
  • Who are the big brands developing in the metaverse?  
  • The latest trends and what we can learn from them.   
  • Examples of successful brand integration with the current metaverse platforms. 


End of Day