Day 1 - 18 April 2018

Cryptofinance and ICO strategies


Cryptofinance and ICO strategies: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks


Initial Coin Offerings – An introduction and future proofing

  • The start of the ICO revolution
  • Challenges and solutions to go from raising traditional funding from a bank or investors to a company that sells tokens to its customers
  • 235 ICOs took place in 2017, how to make sure you are ship shape
  • ICOs pathways and preparation tools
  • Regulators measured approach to token sales and future plans


Aleks Nowak


Block Ex

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Redefining standards and liquidity options in the ICO market

  • ICO structuring
  • ICO governance
  • Future pathways
. Aleks Nowak, CIO, Block Ex


Yiseul Cho

Founder@Perceptra accelerator, Venture partner@FBG Capital, Multiple advisor

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Adam Leonard


Block Ex

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Harsh Jani

Business Development Manager


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Gaby Treiband



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Panel: Understanding the market dynamics for ICO’s token sales and crowd funding

  • Self-Regulation in Crypto financing
  • Tools for a token sale
  • VC-Angel-Investing vs ICOs – risks and opportunities
  • Crowdfunding vs ICOs – risks and challenges
  • ICO marketing and communication – Challenges and opportunities
  • Liquidity in digital tokens – how these are traded for other digital currencies, and then into fiat currency through a digital exchange.
Moderator: . Yiseul Cho, Founder@Perceptra accelerator, Venture partner@FBG Capital, Multiple advisor,
. Adam Leonard, CEO, Block Ex
. Harsh Jani, Business Development Manager, Swarm
. Gaby Treiband, Founder, BrandCrypt


Shahaf Bar Geffen



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Reinventing money – Currency Of The Internet

  • The problems with traditional payments systems
  • cryptocurrencies today are not a solution for payments
  • How to disrupt Visa and MasterCard’s business
  • Building Blockchain 3.0 – a system that is scalable, safe and free
. Shahaf Bar Geffen, CEO, Coti


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How to protect your ICO against phishing and scams?

10 percent of the funds raised in ICOs are stolen. Scams and phishing in rogue websites as well as in social networks like Telegram, Facebook or Twitter pose a significant threat to the success of ICOs. Learn how clear strategy and advanced tools may minimize damages to your ICO, protect your investors and protect your reputation.


Ralph Achkar

Managing Director - Digital Product Development and Innovation Team

State Street

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Institutional evolution into Crypto space

  • Current demand
  • Is the institutional market different?
  • Is technology the driver – what needs to change?
. Ralph Achkar, Managing Director - Digital Product Development and Innovation Team, State Street


Understanding the CryptoAssets Economy


Martin Bartlam

Head of UK Finance and Financial Markets teams

DLA Piper

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Regulation and Litigation involving ICOs and Cryptofinance

  • Regulatory implications on ICOs and Cryptocurrencies
  • Litigation cases
  • Security law compliance
  • Drafting your own SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)
. Martin Bartlam, Head of UK Finance and Financial Markets teams, DLA Piper


Networking Lunch


Cryptofinance and ICO strategies: Afternoon Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks


Smart Contracts


David Lu

Venture Partner

Virgil Capital

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Fabio La Franca

Venture Capital Investor


Associated Talks:

09:40AM - Day 1

View Panel: Blockchain for the entertainment industry

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Panel: The rise of Crypto Capitalism – the changing role of VCs vs. ICOs

  • What do investors look for in an ICO?
  • Where, how and what outlets to use to promote your ICO?
  • Shaping the information to attract high calibre investors
  • Examining the difference in ‘terms’ and relationships between VC and ICO
  • Challenging the VC model and new environments where VC’s compete with Hedge funds.
  • VCs starting to tokenise
. David Lu, Venture Partner, Virgil Capital
. Fabio La Franca, Venture Capital Investor, Station12


Examining the ICO market in Asia

  • Encrypt Coins- Buy Side & Sell Side
  • Blockchain: Sky Ledger, an advanced technology
  • Digital Assets management platform – Supper Wallet
  • ICO Case Study – Sun Coin, MZ Coin & Social Coin
  • China & Asia is the Future


Tokenized Equity: Issuance, Secondary Markets, and Regulation

  • Representing equity in blockchain
  • Implications for registry management, trading, clearing, settlement, and custody
  • Addressing regulation


Networking Break


Robert Hallam

Senior Account Manager


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Cryptocurrency platforms

  • Investing in Crypto
  • Blockchain evolution
  • Mass Adoption
  • The Ecosystem
  • Consumer trends
. Robert Hallam, Senior Account Manager, eToro


Jacob Yocom-Piatt

Project Lead


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Decentralized Central Banking

Come find out why decentralized blockchain governance is not the snoozefest people think it is. Proof-of-stake governance solves the very real planning issues that are fracturing the crypto community.

. Jacob Yocom-Piatt, Project Lead, Decred


Vlad Panchenko

CEO and Founder

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How to Avoid Hidden Risks and Pitfalls While Investing in ICOs

Advise on how to stay safe with ICOs and avoid scams

  • The quality of the team
  • Transactions transparency
  • Seductive discounts
. Vlad Panchenko, CEO and Founder,


Dr. Michael J. Garbade



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Kimley Kadoche

Head of Investor Relations

LGO Markets

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Jacob Yocom-Piatt

Project Lead


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Panel: The future of Crypto Finance

  • The potential of crypto currencies in corporate finance
  • Will regulation and taxation involving cryptocurrencies affect their potential?
  • Will cryptocurrencies help prevent terrorist financing, money laundering, fraud and tax evasion or promote it?
  • Will cryptocurrency exchange be successful worldwide? Issues with international exchange
. Dr. Michael J. Garbade, CEO, LiveEdu
. Kimley Kadoche, Head of Investor Relations, LGO Markets
. Jacob Yocom-Piatt, Project Lead, Decred


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