Day 1 - 6 September 2021



Registration Opens

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Blockchain for Enterprise: Chairperson’s Welcome

Opening talk – overview of sessions and highlights.



How do we build bridges between digital islands?

  • Working together, not apart – co-opetition to break down the digital silos and cross new boundaries with the competition.
  • Setting international standards – regulation to set the footings for real change.
  • Aligning everyone’s interests – investing your R&D budget correctly.
  • The future of enterprise technology – a look into 2022 and beyond.



Keynote: Expanding the use of blockchain in enterprise

  • How to measure the success of your pilot experiments.
  • Identifying your true business need and creating use cases in other areas of the business.
  • Digital assets and tokenisation being used to unlock the value of your resources – not just for the finance world.



Panel: Technology utopianism & the state of blockchain in enterprise

  • Blockchain moving into the slope of enlightenment from the plateau of productivity – how far have we come so far, and how far do we have to go? A look into the future.
  • Running out of time to work together – how can we push ahead with co-opetition?
  • How do we scale up from pilot to implementation?
  • Digital transformation – a matter for culture.



The rise of the bold innovator! Becoming a tech hero

  • Futureproofing your innovation project – how do you ensure you are tech neutral?
  • Getting the board on board – storytelling for success.
  • Evolving your company culture to be progressive.


Networking Break



Panel: Blockchain – solving problems in the energy industry

  • Does the $1.8 trillion global energy industry need a new digital operating system? How can blockchain help?
  • Key use cases that could change the way we manage our energy for a better future for the world – fixing overdue problems for a brighter future.
  • Tracking and unlocking the value of resources with blockchain – tokenising energy using blockchain.



Afternoon Keynote: How does blockchain slot into your legacy system?

  • Challenges faced – implementing the rollout of a full-scale blockchain solution.
  • Linking your new blockchain with legacy systems – aches and pains of integration.
  • Starting from the ground up – how to ensure a flexible and agile project process.



The blockchain tracked COVID-19 medical passport

  • The blockchain tracked COVID-19 passport solution.
  • Understanding why self-sovereign identity is the key – decentralised identity management platforms.
  • Technology underpinning the way out of the global pandemic.



The blockchain-enabled sustainable supply chain

  • The ultimate blockchain solution for the most important issue of the modern world.
  • The Greta effect – how can we leverage technology for the good of the planet?
  • Why emerging technology is going to be our only saviour.



Blockchain to help save democracy

  • e-Voting on the blockchain – how can we use technology like blockchain to save democracy in the modern world?
  • How can we fix voting standards with blockchain?
  • Full transparency – no arguments! Voting standards being built from opaque technology solutions.



End of Day 1

Click to view the agenda for: Day 2 The Future of Digital Assets track

Topics include: Crypto Assets | Currency | Stable Coins | Tokenization | Exchanges | Regulation | Institutional Investment | CBDC 

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