Day 2 - 18 March 2020

Blockchain for Business

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform businesses in sectors as varied as healthcare, financial, government, manufacturing, music and many more. If applied strategically it can have the potential to transform the processes within a business. This track will explore the various ways leading companies in field are creating blockchain solutions to improve business processes; including management of identity, supply chain, cybersecurity, smart contracts and many more.


Blockchain for Business: Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

Hear from a leading industry analyst on how blockchain is shaking up business as we know it.  


Evidence-Based Blockchain

How to present your blockchain business case so that regulators and policymakers actually PAY ATTENTION? A step-by-step approach to practicing Evidence-Based Decision making.- A simple, yet powerful SCIENTIFIC approach to problem-solving that empowers you to achieve the desired outcome for your organisation.


What are the tangible & monetary impacts of adopting blockchain?

Proving ROI. How can blockchain keep you competitive? 


Application of the core principles & concepts of blockchain; Trust, Transparency & Value add

Explanation of the key elements to blockchain & how they can be applied in your business. How your business can benefit from trust & transparency 


Networking Break


Panel: Blockchain-as-a-Service: Enterprise Grade BaaS Solutions

  • What is a Blockchain-as-a-Service solution?
  • Selecting the right BaaS platform
  • The benefits & restrictions of using BaaS
  • Examples of BaaS platforms working for an enterprise use case


Using blockchain in Betting & iGaming

Blockchain is a natural fit within the betting & gaming industries. Here we will witness how blockchain is connecting up the dots in this technology hungry sector. 


Networking Break


Panel: Blockchain for the greater good: The next digital revolution for mankind

  • How is blockchain being used for the greater good in social projects, campaigns, fundraising & voting 
  • Blockchain in action; fighting poverty, war & environmental sustainability 
  • Public sector & government issues being addressed – voting case study 
  • How enabling the new digital society is actually making an impact


Is GDPR fit for purpose with new Emerging Blockchains?

With many large-scale enterprises are being fined millions of dollars for breaching GPDR. Here experts will discuss & highlight some of the potential pot holes that blockchain brings to current regulation. 


Mass adoption & industry wide collaboration: Consortia promoting the ecosystem

  • Business vs. technology focused industry consortia; how can they help? 
  • Safety in numbers?  Democratising your data for the greater good 
  • How to ensure you represent your own interests whilst sharing & gaining from others 
  • The most valuable consortia to be part of? Successful examples in financial services, healthcare, logistics, construction 


Session Close

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