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  • The key to addressing, arresting, and ultimately “thawing” the Crypto Winter (or worse, Ice Age), Web3 innovators and entrepreneurs must lend credence to the not totally unfounded notions that “crypto possesses no inherent value” and that “blockchain is a solution in search of a problem.” Put simply, this means building blockchain applications and projects with demonstrated utility for their end-users. 
  • But the utility of a given application or project, let alone the “ecosystem” it supports, is hardly valuable if it is exclusionary, subject to manipulation, incapable of scaling to meet demand, or otherwise not guaranteed by the provider.
  • To address these dual needs—the provision and guarantee of blockchain-based utility—and ultimately build self-sustaining Web3 ecosystems, DEVS will need to build enterprise applications and projects that are interoperable with blockchain solutions for individual end-users. 

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KC Reddy

Founder and Chief Architect


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04:10PM - Day 1

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