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  • The appetite for technology in emerging markets is high, but delivery and change management is poorly executed 
  • The complexity of Blockchain technology can overwhelm the average member of the public 
  • Loyalty programs are universally understood and used by a large portion of the global population 
  • Coalition loyalty programs such as those offered by airlines are the most successful, but extremely difficult to manage 
  • Tokenizing loyalty points allows brands to automate their reward program reconciliation and settlement, whilst adding a brand-new revenue stream 
  • LIX takes a well-adopted and well-understood concept and transforms its potential, using blockchain technology
  • LIX is already adopted by major brands, used in the most prestigious sporting event in the world, today

Associated Speakers:

Andrew Doxsey

Co-Founder & CEO

Libra Incentix

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12:30PM - Day 1

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