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Based on a novel hybrid architecture that enables real-time and data-intensive applications on blockchain and makes authentic information easily sharable even outside the private networks.

  • Web3 made easy: creating billions of blockchains with one click. Bring blockchain to your industry and create tailor-made solutions. No Ph.D. needed. With No-code smart contracts, complex interactions become intuitive workflows.
  • Blockchain you can see: all-in-one collaboration, a friendly UX. Exchanging documents in real-time, connecting any data streams, sharing messages, automation in a few clicks. Web2 simplicity, web3 infrastructure.
  • A user-friendly blockchainstreamlining multi-level supply chains, reaching end-to-end product transparency and traceability. Build the digital product passport to boost ESG communication and bring your products to the metaverse.

Associated Speakers:

Federico d’Annunzio

CEO & Co-founder


Associated Talks:

11:40AM - Day 1

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