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Today’s society, strongly impacted by current economic laws, is structured in a plutocratic way. The vision of the “Molecular Economy” proposes a change in our societal structure to that of a value driven society called an “axiacracy”. In an axiacracy, opposed to the currently existing plutocracy, power is established through adding economic value to community, network and society.

Especially in the last years and the manifestation of Distributed Ledger Systems, values such as openness, inclusiveness, privacy protection and building a more human-centric internet have found their way into the minds of many.

The Molecular Economies of the future will be enabled by commonly shared ecosystem infrastructure, or ecostructures, which will power the core building blocks of a future value creation network such as open data, decentralized governance and trust in a decentralized manner resulting in novel value propositions that do not exist today.

Associated Speakers:

John Calian

Senior Vice President | Head of T-Labs & The Blockchain Group

Deutsche Telekom AG

Associated Talks:

10:20AM - Day 1

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