Following a degree in economics, Vincent worked for the French government in Africa and Middle East on a number of agriculture projects;

Vincent Doumeizel joined in 2014 Lloyd’s Register, the world’s leading provider of independent assessment, as Vice President for Food & Sustainability at group level serving over 100+ countries and tens of thousands clients.

Vincent also supports actively the charitable objectives of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF), notably through the identification & funding of innovative projects to mitigate food insecurity as well as through participation to Advisory Boards in various food universities research projects across Europe.

He is actively involved in exploring the impact of blockchains on the food supply chain and has contributed to the latest LRF Foresight Reviews of Distributed Ledgers (Blockchain) as well as the one of Resilience Engineering.

Vincent is also a regular speaker at some of the world’s leading events including COP (United Nations) & the Global Food Safety Conference.

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