Thomas is a “serial disrupter”. AI (Machine & Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP), Robotics, Blockchain/smart contracts, Quantum Algorithms, DevOps, DataOps, and Cyber-Security are a primary focus. Experience of working across industries, Thomas has built a reputation as a business builder and the early identification of trends, often 3-5 years before hype sets in and a herd mentality forms. Identification, is only half the value, with an entrepreneurial mindset he then works to form change portfolios that translate from macro trend towards tangible opportunities that can become material in size.

He has been a major voice in establishing R2 Data Labs at Rolls-Royce which is focused on developing re-imagined customer services and products that incorporate thought leadership in emerging technologies, securing funding, and leveraging the power of a eco-system of partners that include Universities, Start-ups, Scale-outs, and Government. Talent is the bedrock of success, and his group is tasked with new-skilling over 16,000 of the world’s leading engineers to make use of emerging tools, techniques and leveraging cloud, hyper-ledgers, high performance computing, and quantum to solve commercial issues that will both enhance the competitive position of Rolls-Royce, new joint ventures, and to help achieve the substantial efficiency targets within one of the most complex and extensive global multi-tiered supply chains.

He is providing the leadership for advancing data as the key corporate asset and promoting advanced technologies for business gain. He is instilling best practice, set through the ‘act of doing’ by his delivery teams moving the dial on Rolls-Royce becoming an agile enterprise that brings together the business and technology groups into highly effective and energetic DataOps and DevOps teams. He has established a network of internally connected AI hubs which are solving some of the most pressing technical and commercial issues on the planet including the use of smart contracts and distributed ledgers to modernise supply chains.

Thomas is active in Government and Leading Universities, sitting on governance boards defining the shape of the future of digital at a nation state level. A regular keynote speaker communicating how R2 Data Labs under his Digital CTO and Innovation leadership is driving the digital transformation for Governments, Leading Higher Education Institutions, Revolutionary Start-ups and across Rolls-Royce’s 4 businesses.

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