Patrick Curry is CEO, British Business Federation Authority (BBFA), tasked with enabling the implementation of secure collaboration including federated identity & access management and privacy using new technologies, such as blockchains, DLT and AI. He helped establish federated trust mechanisms for US/UK/Europe secure collaboration for aerospace and defence with governments and major companies, co-founding the CertiPath PKI Bridge.
He has worked in UK government and industry organisations, and with European agencies and governments from around the world. BBFA was recently the UK partner in EU Project MAPPING on Internet Governance and Privacy. He was a contributing author of the UK Gov Office of Science Report “Distributed Ledger Technologies: Beyond Block Chains”, and also the Lord Holmes Report “Distributed Ledger Technologies for Public Good; leadership, collaboration and innovation”. He is active in enabling the adoption of block chains for secure collaboration, as well as developing new ISO and ITU-T international standards.
He is an Executive Director of Sedicii, which is an award-winning company and World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer that provides a Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology for matching private data across organisations, SSO and authenticating users but without sharing any data.

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