Luigi Telesca is the co-founder and CEO of TRAKTI, an award-winning peer-to-peer contract negotiation and lifecycle management platform integrated into the blockchain, that is part of the Startupbootcamp family of start-ups. Luigi is an innovator, an entrepreneur and a mentor that invested the last seventeen years working on distributed systems, enterprise software, e-negotiations, Future Internet architectures and protocols.

In 2006 he created the first peer-to-peer negotiation system for SMEs called “Open Negotiation Environment”, a research project funded by the European Union in FP6, that proved the possibility of running business negotiations in a peer-to-peer network before the blockchain. This research led to the creation of eXrade, the company he founded in 2011 to commercialise ONE results.

Luigi started his career as funding and R&D manager of CREATE-NET an international research centre that he contributed to creating in 2003 and that he successively led as Chief Operating Officer until the 2016 acquisition. In 2020, Luigi co-funded Open Trust Fabric (OTF), a pan-European Alliance of organisations and people committed to establishing an inclusive ecosystem of contributors who will develop tools and methodologies for reporting and implementing the EU economy as an ecosystem of contracts.