Javed Khattak is a qualified actuary (FIA) who is currently the CFO of Humaniq, the Co-founder & CEO of Zisk Properties and the Co-founder & CEO of JKCoach.


His clients have included from startups to organisations with over liabilities of over £5bn and market cap of over £60bn. He is on various boards and regularly advises Companies on many different aspects including ICOs, crypto/blockchain, real estate, finance and strategy. He has advised and/or worked for some of the most respected global organisations including HSBC, Thomson Reuters, GSK, M&S, Aviva, PwC and PA Consulting Group – and often works with senior management to develop solutions to complex problems with a track record of delivering successfully. He is also a keen entrepreneur and investor, and a strong believer in giving back to the society.

His area of expertise include:

– actuarial; pensions / employee reward, investments and risk management, longevity, M&A

– strategy including economic, commercial & financial, innovation, new markets

– technology including blockchain, crypto, gadgets,

– data and modelling based analysis and decision making

– leading development of sophisticated models

– leadership / management

– stakeholder management, conflict resolution and developing long lasting relationships

– negotiations