PhD in computer science, Claus has worked as a researcher and technical lead for Hewlett-Packard, before founding his first company, Dezide, a software company with focus on Artificial Intelligence for diagnostics and troubleshooting. After heading Dezide as CEO for 12 years, Claus has both started and taken part in several successful ventures, with the latest being DigiShares, a FinTech tokenization software company with subsidiaries in both Europe and the US, specializing in the issuance and ongoing management of tokenized securities.

Whilst having a career as a serial entrepreneur, Claus has also devoted much time to help and guide student startups, developing and managing incubators, while being employed in the Aalborg University Innovation incubator, an incubator that helps around 80-100 startup companies every year. Claus is an experienced public speaker, writer, and published author, and has contributed chapters, knowledge, and insights to several books and publications on blockchain technology and the tokenization of assets. Claus has also taught several masterclasses on the tokenization of real assets, real estate, use cases for tokenization software and the tokenization ecosystem.