Andrew James Carter joined the app industry in 2012 after completing his PhD in Astrophysics with a speciality in statistical modelling. He started out at mobile gaming company NaturalMotion immediately before they established themselves as a major player in the emerging industry with the release of CSR Racing. He would go on to work on a number of other record breaking NM and Zynga titles, while helping establish best practices, and creating a number of data processing tools and pipelines – building capabilities in-house where 3rd party tools failed to deliver.

In early 2015, Andrew moved to Exient, becoming Director of Live Operations and expanding his remit beyond data science into all aspects of live game management. Over his career, he has created a large number of data and live-ops tools, while experiencing the product offerings of eleven different middleware solutions and in-house solutions from major companies – including Zynga and Rovio.
So, in late 2016, Andrew left Exient to found GaasWorks with the aim of creating a universal live ops solution. Two years on, that company has become Fathom, and that universal live ops solution has become a universal live ops economy under the Fathom Token.

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