Stand No: 110

Xenium’s operation is an evolution – the second iteration of Veritas Mining Company’s innovative, crowdfunding concept. Developed with a year of operational data and insight gained from running their first ICO – through Xenium – Veritas raises the bar even higher, taking cryptomining to a whole new level. More specifically, by venturing into immersion-cooled, custom-built FPGA rigs, as well as solar power generation, Veritas simultaneously create significant opportunities to slash operating costs even further, by making their own energy for mining, whilst using super-efficient hardware. FPGAs also offer such great flexibility, that they can easily switch to very profitable hosting, should any change to proof of work in crypto reduce operating profits below what hosting would return for the same period. This is a very future-proofing feature of our business model. Further, collocation at the existing facility, also allows for rapid deployment of hardware/funds, and creates beneficial synergies. Look below at the net profit reinvestment curve. Xenium has created many opportunities for the future.


Xenium is a hybridised digital asset, tokenizing crowdfunding with traditional growth investment. By offering passive capital appreciation, profit sharing in monthly dividends, plus, the real potential for unparalleled growth and an extraordinary ROI – unique to early adopters – we aim to appeal to all, from seasoned crypto investors, to bank savers and first-timers, by paying passive returns which are comparable to traditional share investing, that comes with a plausible future of extraordinary returns. 

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