Stand No: 178

Trakti is an end-to-end platform for smart, self-executing and compliant contracts running on both private and public blockchains to streamline the onboarding, negotiation, signature, contract automation, and management flows for scale-ups and medium/large businesses.
Its custom-made solutions support business ecosystems for Sales, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Product Certification, Logistics and Operations functions and contracts in a secure and seamlessly integrated manner.

Trakti’s unique approach offers financial, crypto, insurance, legal and regulated enterprises a unified framework to automate and manage all contract types, in a single and a compliant infrastructure connecting real-world processes with tokenised assets.

Trakti provides all the tools, processes and integrations required to securely acquire, negotiate and process contracts in full compliance.

Trusted KYC and AML integrations and more are embedded, to simplify supplier/client checks and faster onboarding. 
All activities, contracts and operations are certified in the blockchain.
Legally valid, Trakti smart legal contracts deploy and orchestrate the smart contracts on multiple blockchain infrastructures, to automate the execution of tasks in compliance with future contractual obligations related to the agreed contract and selected procedure.

Trakti’s objective is to assist companies from drafting to signing contracts with a digital signature, entirely monitoring them in a compliant manner.