Swarm Markets

Acceleration of digital transformation and historically low interest rates is pushing more capital onto the Blockchain. With increasing regulatory crackdowns on the crypto industry, companies in the sector are responding in different ways. Swarm Markets is skating to where the puck is heading by having authorisation from The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), from day one.

It’s licensed protocol will be the first of its kind to enable retail and institutional market participants to trade both crypto and digitised traditional financial instruments, like securities and commodities, in one place.

We know institutions need to work with licensed platforms that remove counterparty risk and give access to legally digitised tokens in order to access DeFi. This is demonstrated by the 1,500+ people signed up to our liquidity provider programme who have pledged over $45 million in assets.

In the future, there will not be a difference between TradFi and DeFi, rather everything integrates as ‘Fi’. We know we will have achieved our goal to integrate traditional finance with the DeFi ecosystem, when people will access financial products and services and without even realising they’re on the blockchain.

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