Radix Community
Stand No: 68/69

Radix is a Layer 1 DLT solution built to address the DeFi sector’s ever-increasing demands of speed and throughput, without compromising on decentralisation and security. In development since 2013, Radix rethinks the consensus mechanisms of conventional blockchains from the ground up, resulting in a platform capable of supporting limitless transaction volumes, with capacity that scales in line with the size of the network.

To fulfill its mission of serving and safeguarding the global DeFi movement of the future, Radix combines this foundation with a revolutionary new smart contract language. Scrypto’s asset-oriented approach and discrete logic dramatically reduce the risk of unexpected outcomes to code execution, and the hacks and exploits these allow. On-chain code libraries enable developers to launch new dApps quickly and securely, while earning royalties from new components they provide.