MyntCoinz, Inc
Stand No: 140

Cryptocurrencies are in the market for over a decade. However, their mass adoption by society, or mass integration in to the mainstream financial/transactional systems is yet to be proven or seem to be an uphill battle.

The reason is quite evident – almost none of the existing tokens are organically integrated into current local/global economies, or financial systems – i.e. tokonomics of existing cryptos are operated and performed independent from current social economic activities. Thus, the general public has issues of embracing these digital tokens in to their day today financial and economic activities. As a result, people currently tend to treat all tokens as financial assets, with the expectation of capital gains via price appreciations, rather than utilizing or materializing the true purpose of the tokens.

We have created MyntCoinz to address this specific problem -the mass adoption.  MyntCoinz is designed in such way that it is generated/issued as part of social economic activities, in a form of a high frequent transaction, in a widely utilized market platform- Loyalty Rewards.

MyntCoinz  is a BaaS platform for loyalty rewards, with a digital token that would replace, consolidate and streamline existing loyalty programs into a single digital UNIVERSAL token ecosystem.

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