LastRoots provides a unique service by combination blockchain and video advertisements called c0ban.tv.c0ban is the world’s first crypto currency tied up with entertainment and advertisement services from the beginning. LastRoots launched its ICO on July 2016. Although it was the first ICO in Japan, LastRoots succeeded to raise 7 million USD.Dapp of c0ban.tv was released on Feb 2017, C0ban was listed on March 2017, c0bantrade.jp.The below is our remarks.- Market cap of c0ban : approximately 100 to 250 million USD- Exchange market volume : 50 million USD per month- The number of transaction on Dapp : 5 million times per month- Active users 50K- IBM blue hub award on Sep 2016 at Finch Summit, 2016- ICO, 7 million USD was fundraised on July 2016.- SBI holdings invested on LastRoots as a partner- URL of white paper  : https://goo.gl/HzrLLGThere were 16 semi-authorize exchange market in Japan when NEM flowing out incident happened. However 13 companies was stopped due to operation and security issues. Only 3 exchanges survived. LastRoots is one of three.We could share valuable experience to fit regulation in Japan.


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