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The Ganapati Group was established in 2013 by experienced and visionary entrepreneurs from across the globe. Ganapati’s mission is to supply the international iGaming market with compelling, immersive content, combining Japanese design, cutting-edge technology and engaging entertainment.

With a global network of specialists in game development, graphic design and creative concepts, Ganapati creates unique and authentic Japanese slot games for the online casino industry in an entirely new way.

Malta-based subsidiary, GanaEight Coin Ltd, is looking to be one of the first to utilise both blockchain technology and iGaming expertise to produce a game-changing online casino stablecoin, the G8C. The G8C token represents an innovative and secure way of bridging the gap between virtual assets and the online casino industry, ushering in a brand-new era of transparent gameplay.

The G8C token is designed to act as a chip with which to bet directly onto the original G8C blockchain platform. Unlike existing iGaming ICOs, the G8C token is being offered as a unique form of stablecoin, which will hold its value over time and is pegged to the demand of online casino players and their bets. G8C is set to transform online casino gameplay by guaranteeing trust and security on the side of both user and operator.



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