CoreLedger AG
Stand No: 522

Located in the heart of the Crypto Valley in Switzerland, CoreLedger Labs LLC is the software development lab of CoreLedger AG (Schaan, Lichtenstein). CoreLedger provides cost-effective, reliable peer-to-peer transaction solutions for businesses and individuals. Through a unique combination of technologies, it increases global market efficiency, empowering everyone to participate in wealth creation. Together with in-house built features, we enable businesses to document, tokenize and trade any type of assets in a reliable and flexible environment.


Our products include:

Token Economy Operating System (TEOS). TEOS is the software engine that powers every business solution we deliver to our clients. Our flagship offering, TEOS has been built to address the asset tokenization needs of businesses, providing robust and customized solutions for the creation and deployment of blockchain-based solutions for each business.

White-label Marketplace (WLM). WLM is a ready-to-use decentralized marketplace with a set of built-in functionalities. It is a cost-effective and reliable solution for business owners looking to tokenize and trade their assets quickly and easily, without requiring in-house technical resources.

Premium Token Extension (PTE). Our PTE product is an ERC-20 token proxy, allowing Ethereum-based ERC-20 token issuers to easily connect their token to the CoreLedger environment or others. Doing so will not have any impact on the existing ERC-20 token and its listing on various exchanges, but it uncovers a myriad of benefits including cross-blockchain transactions, blockchain migration, and other features provided by us.


To learn more about our technology and how you can transform your business onto blockchain, visit

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