Stand No: 2

Led by CEO, Toby Gilbert, and CTO, Knut Vinger, Coinweb aims to become the first general-purpose layer-2 platform delivering truly unified interoperability, removing current transactional and computational bottlenecks. Coinweb enables maximum horizontal scalability while still maintaining the consistency and reliability of underlying blockchains’ security and decentralized properties. The platform solves many of the problems found in current cross-chain implementations without the unnecessary use of bridges or additional layers of consensus. Utilizing the WebAssembly runtime environment, making it easier to run uniform deployment through all blockchains and parallel execution of smart contracts.

2 DeFi projects have been built as a proof of concept that currently supports in excess of 160,000* unique customers. Coinweb designed, set up and issued a cross-chain stable token that the DeFi platforms have sold more than $215M USD* in the past 20 months, delivering up to 13% of all BCH transactions per day. Having secured various digital asset licenses all around the world, Coinweb offers multiple-fiat on-ramping and off-ramping solutions within its multi-tenancy wallet. Coinweb’s cross-chain tokenization platform and a simple marketplace help large and established traditional businesses digitize aspects of their businesses.

*data based on September 2022