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CleverLabs is your all-in-one boutique software consulting, design, engineering, DevOps services, quality assurance and support partner providing tailored high quality digital transformation services for your business. Along with our advanced domain expertise in Ruby, Node.js, Amazon Web Services, etc., trusted for many years by US customers our inspired team is ready to share its expert skills and hands-on experience to meet your business needs in blockchain technology.

We would be happy to provide you with full cycle smart contract and blockchain development services as custom solutions or components helping you smoothly automate a variety of business processes from customer data exchange to transparent accounting and securing your supply chain.

We also can offer your business a unique opportunity to join and benefit together from growth of our own cutting edge products:

Kuvera – blockchain powered multi-level personal data protection environment, and

DeployQA – on-demand QA and demo deployment platform.

To learn more we invite you to visit Cleverlabs.io or connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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