Stand No: 545

CEO of AOFEX, Robin Peter Tensen graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Oxford University, and earned an Executive MBA in both INSEAD and Tsinghua University. He held strategic and entrepreneurial leader with over twenty-five years of global experience, who specializes in financial technology, cross-global experience in business. He used to work as a Windows Technical Analyst, supported engineer for the first releases of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel Windows.

COO of AOFEX, Kristina Rayko has fourteen years of business management experience setting up and operating successful trading companies in Finance and Hi-tech industries. She provided consulting services to large enterprises for technology transfer and commercialization consultancy, and she helped the companies grow revenue and developed strategic partnerships.

Team of AOFEX possesses abundant experience in finance and hi-technology industries, and provided strategic management consulting service for large enterprises. Moreover, team of AOFEX provided essential services for finance companies, which means we possess abundant risk control management and strengths in global strategic operation

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