Day 2 - 24 November 2021



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The Future of Digital Assets: Chairperson’s welcome

Opening talk – overview of sessions and highlights.



The catapult: Connecting with mainstream payment systems

  • Connecting digital assets with traditional payment systems.
  • Why are payment providers the key to mass crypto adoption?
  • What will the decentralized financial ecosystem of the future look like?
  • The race: CBDC or crypto for the new-look financial ecosystem?



Keynote: The Digital Euro: Motivations, technology and implications of CBDCs

  • Creating digital twin fiat currency – why the influx of interest from central banks?
  • How government acknowledgement of central bank digital currency could change the game for mass adoption of digital fiat.
  • The design of CBDC and its potential implications for banks, the payments ecosystem, competition, and innovation.



Panel: 2021 – the most consequential year for crypto

  • Institutions finally acknowledging crypto – traditional vs. crypto investment.
  • The highs and lows of the crypto roller coaster – moving away from the “boys club” mentality and overcoming the crypto stigma.
  • Bitcoin boom – why did recent events not boost fellow altcoins? Predictions for crypto in five years’ time.
  • Looking back to look forward – how far has crypto come? How mainstream can crypto ever go?



Regulatory approaches to the tokenisation of assets

  • Regulation milestones and implications.
  • Regional differences – progress and opportunity by geography.
  • Key players in tokenisation use cases – the complexities behind creating digital twins of your assets.
  • What’s next for tokenised assets?


Networking Break



Panel: Central bank digital currencies in action

  • Innovation within central banks – use cases and geographical hot spots where national currencies are being tokenised.
  • Why digitise fiat currency? Disruptive or stabilising?
  • Pivotal regulatory landmarks and their knock-on effect within the industry.



Afternoon Keynote: De-Fi and the future of stablecoins

  • What is De-Fi – decentralised finance? Use case of the biggest decentralised finance project to date.
  • Unlocking the value by enabling payments – the next steps for 2021.
  • Alternative lending – the format, benefits and risks.
  • Stablecoins to underpin a new era of instant value transfer.



Navigating the crypto landscape

  • Top crypto trends and opportunity by geography – crypto vs. institutional investments.
  • How to exchange ethically – sourcing your crypto safely and how should we manage our digital assets? 
  • Boom and bust – navigating the volatile landscape. Secret weapons from the inside.



De-Fi: A better solution for peer-to-peer lending

  • Banking on blockchain – how do we make finance more cost-effective using blockchain?
  • How can we use digital assets in corporate lending?
  • The impact of regulation around decentralised finance.



End of Conference

Click to view the agenda for: Day 1 Blockchain for Enterprise

Topics include: Supply Chain | Identity | Platforms | Industry Use Cases | Government | Fintech | Trading 

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