Day 1 - 19 June 2019

Investors & Innovation Zone

The market for Blockchain and IoT technologies is anticipated to grow again dramatically over the next year. Start-ups with new innovative ideas in the IoT and Blockchain space are constantly appearing the market, with solutions for businesses and tokens to empower the consumer. This zone will feature cutting-edge emerging technologies, start-ups pitching their new ideas, and top investors and VC’s analyzing the key to success in the industry.


Innovations & Investors Zone: Chair’s welcome and opening comments

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Panel: An investors Q&A – The secrets to a successful start-up

  • The VC process and what each investor looks for
  • How do you find the right investor for you and what questions should you be asking them?
  • Discussing different strategies to enable Investment into your start-up and the velocity of the market
  • Evaluation of the current ecosystem
  • Geographic hot spots and regulatory risk
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Launching Blockchain start-ups 1

This session will explore some cutting edge Blockchain companies and their launch propositions

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Panel: The rise of Crypto Capitalism – Equity or Coins?

  • Examining the difference in ‘terms’ and relationships between VC’s and token sales
  • What do investors look for in a start up?
  • Shaping the information to attract high calibre investors
  • Crypto Capitalism – Challenging the VC model
  • VCs starting to tokenise
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Start- up 1

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Start- up 2

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Afternoon Keynote – Current trends and issues with Crypto Finance

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Launching Blockchain start-ups 2

This session will explore some cutting-edge Blockchain companies and their launch propositions

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Panel: Understanding the market dynamics for token sales and crowd funding

  • Self-Regulation in Crypto financing
  • Tools for a token sale
  • Equity Vs. Coins – risks and challenges
  • Liquidity in digital tokens – how these are traded for other digital currencies, and then into fiat currency through a digital exchange
  • Communicating your blockchain project effectively
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The Mining Boom

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Security Tokens Vs. Utility Tokens

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