Day 1 - 17 May 2023


Chairpersons Welcome: Digital Assets and Tokenisation

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 


Presentation: Metaverse – A New Future of Work?

  • Metaverse as means of virtual co-creation and meeting environments 
  • Brand Activation vs Brand Extension Tool? – Extending services and products to the metaverse rather than approaching it as one-time activation 
  • Addressing the misconceptions around the Metaverse utilization  


Keynote Presentation: NFTs in 2023 – is rebrand on the way?

  • Why rebrand and is it necessary? – NFTs landscape in 2022 and onto 2023 and beyond 
  • Unique NFT use-cases that will dominate 2023 


Presentation: Zero Knowledge – A Long Time Coming

  • What are Zero Knowledge Systems and how can they help in the blockchain scalability challenge?  
  • Addressing existing trade-offs and how to fill the gaps  
  • What use cases can we expect?  


Networking Break


Panel: Digital Identity – The Key to Everything

  • Uses in the Metaverse and Web3  
  • Every day and FinTech uses  
  • What is the link between Digital Identity, Web3, and the Metaverse? 


Presentation: On-trend Tech – Luxury Brands Leading Blockchain Onboarding

  • Why luxury brands are more open to innovation – addressing onboarding scepticism. 
  • How are luxury brands embracing new technologies?  
  • Metaversal brand experimentation and digital twins


Presentation: Innovation Slot 7

To follow soon …


Presentation: Innovation Slot 8

To follow soon …


Presentation: NFTs and the Entertainment Business

  • Consumers, fans, and loyalty – how to optimise your target audience.   
  • Ticketing and proof of attendance  
  • What are membership passes and how to benefit from them?  


Networking Break


Presentation: Innovation Slot 9

To follow soon …


Presentation: Innovation Slot 10

To follow soon …


Presentation: Digital Identity Crisis

  • The Trust Foundation of Digital Identity 
  • How can blockchain help solve the identity crisis?  


Networking Break


Panel: The Metaverse

  • Preparing for the Metaverse – Are we ready?   
  • The scope of possibility – what types of Metaverse are in development, and which is most likely to dominate future markets?    
  • Risk, Regulation and the Legal Framework.  
  • Is it just hype? Scepticisms about the reality of the metaverse. 


Presentation: GameFi in 2023 and Beyond – Innovative Opportunities to Look Out For

  • Leveraging blockchain technology for more engaging, immersive and secure virtual worlds
  • Metaverse, Cloud and P2E gaming


Presentation: On-Chain or Off-Chain? – The Rise of Autonomous Worlds

  • Open economies – how can they help extend existing game genres?
  • How Web3 composability can leverage autonomous worlds?
  • Assets, ownership and rewards – redefining the role of crypto and tokenisation in the next generation gaming
  • Autonomous Worlds beyond gaming


End of Day