Day 2 - 18 May 2023


Chairpersons Welcome: Web3 Applications

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 


Presentation: On-Chain or Off-Chain? – The Rise of Autonomous Worlds

  • Open economies – how can they help extend existing game genres? 
  • Metaverse, Cloud and P2E gaming 
  • How Web3 composability can leverage autonomous worlds? 
  • Autonomous Worlds beyond gaming. 


Keynote Presentation: GameFi in 2023 and Beyond – Innovative Opportunities to Look Out For

  • Leveraging blockchain technology for more engaging, immersive and secure virtual worlds.  
  • Play to earn in Web 3 – Discovering new Web3 media models.  


Presentation: Assets, Ownership and Rewards – Redefining the Role of Crypto and Tokenisation in the Next Generation Gaming.

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Networking Break


Panel: Digital Identity – The Key to Everything

  • The Trust Foundation of Digital Identity 
  • What is the link between Digital Identity, Web3, and the Metaverse? 
  • Why is Digital Identity important? –  Web3, every day and FinTech uses 


Presentation: Mainstream Web3 Adoption – What’s Stopping Us?

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Presentation: NFTs in 2023 – Is Rebrand on the Way?

  • NFTs landscape in 2022 and onto 2023 and beyond – utility and legal repercussions.  
  • Unique NFT use-cases that will dominate 2023 


Networking Break


Panel: The Metaverse

  • Onto the Metaverse – Where are we now and what to expect next? 
  • The scope of possibility – what types of Metaverse are in development, and which is most likely to dominate future markets?     
  • Risk, Regulation and the Legal Framework.   
  • Is it just hype? Scepticisms about the reality of and transition to the metaverse. 


Presentation: Intellectual Property in the Metaverse

To follow soon …


Presentation: Customer Experience in the Web3 World

  • Reimagining customer journey and driving new relationships.  
  • How to get most of the new data?  


Presentation: On-trend Tech – Luxury Brands Leading Web3 Integration

  • Why luxury brands are more open to innovation – addressing onboarding scepticism. 
  • Enterprise NFTs – How are luxury brands embracing new technologies?  
  • Metaversal brand experimentation and digital twins. 


End of Day