Day 1

1 June 2017

Blockchain Technologies – Day 1

There has been a flurry of new start ups, announcements, new user cases, and applications being developed using blockchain technology. Research provides strong evidence that blockchain technology could transform existing business models and invent new forms of business in a profound way. The Blockchain technologies track examines key challenges for developers building these initiatives, you will also hear from a number of innovative Blockchain start ups, their business cases, and case studies, and be able to see how to partner with a number of emerging technology players to forward your Blockchain services. According to Markets and Markets, the global blockchain technology market is expected to rise from $210m in 2016 to $2.31bn by 2021. In this session, leading venture capitalists and investors will examine the emerging blockchain technology landscape and why there is so much attention around the sector. The blockchain technologies track look at how Blockchain companies are creating disruptive solutions to real world problems.


Chair’s welcome and opening remarks

David Gyori

Founding member

World Fintech Association

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. David Gyori, Founding member, World Fintech Association


Lakeside Partners launches Europe’s biggest blockchain insurance industry start-up competition

Zug is world-famous for its blockchain scene.
And Switzerland is one of the world’s most important insurance markets.

We take these two factors and enrich them with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.
Experts in startups, IT, finance and research are offering up a springboard for your blockchain idea.

We want your InsurTech ideas: do you know how to promote the insurance industry – and we have a $100,000 no-strings-attached prize on offer.

. Patrick Schilz, Principal, Lakeside Partners AG


Case study: Publicism – exploring how blockchain technology can reverse freedom of press challenges

Publicism believes that blockchain technology could be part of a solution to reverse the concern of decline of press freedom.

By leveraging blockchain, the company is able to offer censorship resistant and immutable broadcasting tools for journalists through a convenient dashboard. It manages the publication of stories, payments, and ownership rights, all the while preserving anonymity for both journalists and their readers.

. Pieter Haasnoot, co-founder, Publicism


Case study: Quanta – blockchain technology backed lottery

Adam Vaziri

Chief Regulatory Officer

Quanta Technologies

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Quanta is an automated online lottery platform that performs tasks, from the selling of lottery tickets, the draw and distibution of prize payments. Operating as a smart contract on the Ethereum platform, transparency is also provided. With internet, anyone can participate in the Quanta lottery.

By utilizing smart contracts of the worlds second biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum offers a method to suppress fraud and manipulation. Until now, there were many tasks where lottery operator’s seemed to work in a blackbox environment. But with the unique properties of blockchain technology, transparency and safety is endowed, and a truely fair lottery environment can be provided to participants.

. Adam Vaziri, Chief Regulatory Officer, Quanta Technologies


Networking Break


KEYNOTE: How can developers make the most of the blockchain opportunity?

Mark Simpson

Distinguished Engineer, Innovation Engineering


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  • Examining open source blockchain development
  • How to develop scalable solutions
  • Building in security around regulatory compliance and accountability
  • Leverage existing codebases, workflows, and development ecosystems
  • Getting started with a highly scalable Ethereum compliant blockchain
. Mark Simpson, Distinguished Engineer, Innovation Engineering , RBS


Case Study: BlockEx – Issuing financial securities on a blockchain

Aleksander Nowak

CIO and Blockchain Expert


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BlockEx has created unique tools as part of its brokerage suite. One of them is the Digital Asset Creation Tool (DACT). The DACT is a uniquely blockchain driven tool that creates a series of contracts bound by several counterparties involved in the securities issuance process from a simple questionnaire. The tool aims to significantly change the linearity of the issuance process and reduce time lags from initial consultation to final issuance of securities.

BlockEx is a financial technology firm whose goal is to become the major marketplace for alternative investments. As part of its core offering, we have developed the Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP) and other software solutions to assist large and small financial institutions to take advantage of the innovations behind blockchain technology.

. Aleksander Nowak, CIO and Blockchain Expert, BlockEx


Networking Break


PANEL DISCUSSION: Blockchain from the investor’s perspective: A VC view of the marketplace

Yacine Teraï

Blockchain Investment & Corporate Business Advisor


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Daniel Doll-Steinberg

Entrepreneur, investor and advisor


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Chiara Sommer

Investment Manager

High-Tech Gruenderfonds

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  • The opportunities for blockchain from an investor and VC viewpoint
  • What are the advantages of blockchain to investors when compared to other emerging technologies?
  • What criteria are VC’s looking for to invest in blockchain start-ups
Moderator: . Yacine Teraï, Blockchain Investment & Corporate Business Advisor, Coinsilium
. Daniel Doll-Steinberg, Entrepreneur, investor and advisor , Collider
. Chiara Sommer, Investment Manager, High-Tech Gruenderfonds
. Jamie Burke, Founder, Outlierventures


Case study: How CoinDash will change the way we are trading cryptos?

Alon Muroch



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Coindash​ is the world’s first social portfolio management platform. Making handling and trading easy and accessible to anyone.

It will change the way we are trading crypto assets with new features never see before in the blockchain space:

Portfolio management platform – Charts and graphs will present current portfolio performances and aggregated results along with many other tools. these are essential in order to manage and interact with crypto assets. They give a deep insight into the performance and status of the user’s investments and help in data driven decision making.

Social Network – Social interactions are a key part of the crypto world, projects can raise and fall by their community and the network they create. CoinDash’s social trading features remove barriers for new and existing crypto users by letting them follow and copy-trade top investor.

Marketplace – Discover new opportunities and features like: real-time social trading signals, ICO dashboard, trending assets, real-time market price tables and 3rd party integration investment tools such as ICONOMI or Melonport.

CoinDash platform will change the way we trade crypto assets, making it accessible to mainstream with Social Trading, and will also provide new tools for experienced traders, allowing them to discover new opportunities and invest directly in them in one unique platform!”

. Alon Muroch, CEO, Coindash


Case study: Corion – the gateway to Crypto World

Zoltan Bor

Cryptocoin advisor


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A multifunctional Platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralised network, based on mutual benefits, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed and a stable means of payment.

. Zoltan Bor, Cryptocoin advisor, Corion


Case study: Monax – smart contract-based SDKs

Paul du Plessis

Head of Partnerships


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Monax is the company behind Hyperledger Burrow (formerly Eris-db), the FOSS permissioned blockchain platform for enterprise developers and devops to build, ship, and run blockchain-based applications for business ecosystems.

Monax sells legally engineered smart contract-based SDKs to accelerate your time to market with sophisticated ecosystem applications. In this talk we will discuss how permissioned blockchains and smart contracts will change the way business is done.

. Paul du Plessis, Head of Partnerships, Monax


Case study: Starbase – token funding & reward payment platform

Tomoaki Sato



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Starbase is blockchain token funding & reward payment platform.

Starbase supports your token issuance & token sales & reward payment as platform.

Currently, it’s difficult to use token funding for non-blockchain projects, but Starbase unlock the opportunity for innovative projects by solving the technical problem and legal problem which can be solved by technology.

And Starbase itself is going to launch with it’s own token, “STAR”.

. Tomoaki Sato, Founder , Starbase


Case study: Otonomos – company incorporation and governance on the chain

Han Verstraete

Founder and CEO


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Instant Activation – Easily load your existing entities onto Otonomos or incorporate a company with us. Do everything online whist we take care of the offline filing and paperwork.

Real-time Captable – Issue each shareholder with a secure key to access their digital share wallet on blockchain. Transfer equity peer-to-peer. Track all share movements real time.

Virtual Boardroom – Easily govern your companies no matter where your board members and shareholders are located. Let smart contracts automate voting.

. Han Verstraete, Founder and CEO, Otonomos


Case study: Peerity – the blockchain based activity network

Jan Schets



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Peerity is a company dedicated to rewarding and enabling social connection and interaction. Based on the Tendermint consensus engine, the Peerity blockchain intelligently creates and distributes tokens based on the social activity of its users.



. Jan Schets, Co-founder, Peerity


Blockchain for Real Estate Meet up

Achim Jedelsky

Head of Processes/IT

Daimler Real Estate

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Moderator: . Achim Jedelsky, Head of Processes/IT, Daimler Real Estate


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Day 2

2 June 2017

Blockchain Technologies – Day 2


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

. Alpesh Doshi, Founder & Managing Partner, Fintricity


Case study: Modum – smart contracts in medical product distribution

  • Combining IoT sensors with blockchain technology to provide data integrity for transactions of physical products
  • Streamlining supply chain processes with smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain
  • Full cycle control from notifications to payment and release whilst making sure the transaction meets all of the standards set out by you, your clients and the regulator

. Malik El Bay, CEO, Modum


Case study: Settlemint – connecting companies to distributed ledgers

Matthew Van Niekerk

Founder & CEO


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SettleMint removes the complexity of distributed technologies for organisations. It offers modular blockchain middleware solutions that enable organisations to focus on their front end applications and customer experience while SettleMint’s middleware connects them to distributed (ledger) technologies.

To demonstrate the versatility of their middleware solutions, SettleMint has created the following end user applications:

1. DataBroker, a blockchain based marketplace for IoT sensor data (;
2. BallotBox, a blockchain voting application for elections ( and is currently developing a proxy voting variant and a governance use case of BallotBox;
3. Notary, a blockchain document registration and management application for notarial deeds ( and is currently working on a land registration and title transfer use case application of Notary;
4. IdentiMint, a blockchain based self-sovereign identity management platform for KYC / KYB procedures during client on-boarding (;

. Matthew Van Niekerk, Founder & CEO, SettleMint


Case study: Travacoin – the blockchain revolution for airlines

Brian Whelan

Founder and CEO


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If a flight is delayed for a long time or cancelled, airlines based in, or flying through the EU are obliged under EU Reg 261 to compensate passengers for the inconvenience – up to €600 per passenger.
Airlines currently resist this or pay slowly, generating conflict and losing passenger loyalty and repeat business, while also creating big opportunities for intermediaries.
Travacoin is a Blockchain based crypto-currency that will use “Smart Contracts” to enable airlines to compensate and refund passengers. The payment will be designed in such a way as to incentivise passengers to reinvest in new flights and/or ancillary services.

. Brian Whelan, Founder and CEO, Travacoin


Case study: Somish – Blockchain backed P2P Insurance, Aviation Maintenance & Subsidy Distribution

  • P2P Insurance Mutual : Bringing back insurance in a very cost efficient way by allowing individuals to form groups that can share risk at affordable costs using Ethereum Public Blockchain
  • Aviation Maintenance : Single Version of Truth for OEM, MRO, Aircraft, Airline & Aviation Authorities efficiently reducing operating costs & layover times for airlines, thereby increasing net profits Being built on Permissioned Blockchain
  • Subsidy Distribution : Public Distribution System for Governments in the emerging markets that provides assured and accurate end utilization enabling Transparency, Traceability & Standardization


. Ish Goel, Director, Somish


Case study: Agrello – smart-contract-based legal agreements

Alex Norta

Chief Scientist Officer


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Hando Rand



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. Alex Norta, Chief Scientist Officer , Agrello
. Hando Rand, CEO, Agrello


Case study: Solarchange – Blockchain for the renewable energy market

Assaf Ben-Or

Co-Founder and CEO

Solar Change

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SolarChange leverages cutting edge disruptive technology, including blockchain and machine learning, to create an unparalleled reliable, comprehensive and potentially unlimited data platform for the renewable energy market. Utility companies, grid operators and users alike can obtain real time energy tracking while global trade markets can benefit from such accurate and real time data. Smart predictions, insights and forecasts will be taken to a new level with our proprietary technology. Ultimately, stakeholders in the energy universe will be able to drive efficiencies, save millions and impact the global renewable energy marketplace

. Assaf Ben-Or, Co-Founder and CEO, Solar Change


Case study: JAAK – Connecting the media industry via blockchain

Vaughn McKenzie



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  • Connecting songs, films, and TV shows directly to the artists, producers, writers, and organisations that create, own and distribute them
  • Smart Content or the simpler framework for licensing media on the web that will unlock a world of new content experiences and untapped value opportunities for the entire media industry
  • Cheaper, faster and easier to capture, manage and exchange metadata between organisations as well as making content on the web easy to find, license, and pay.
. Vaughn McKenzie, Founder, JAAK


Case study: Stratence Partners – moving your company to blockchain

Fernando Ventureira

Chief Executive Officer

Stratence Partners Limited

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  • Stratence Partners is a Consulting, Systems and Outsourcing Company, with recognized expertise and experience in helping the Organizations to optimize their Strategy, enhance their Commercial Effectiveness and move towards sustainable Pricing Excellence
  • We leverage well known Methodologies for Change Management and Profitable Growth, integrating disruptive technologies along the Value Chain of our Customers: Big Data, Strategic Markets & Products Dynamic Modelling, Advanced Insights Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Rules Engine,  Sales Force Field Cockpit, Private & Blockchain as a Service Solutions
  • On the Blockchain part, Stratence Partners is having a shareholder and partner relationship with, one of the already fully up and running leading Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) provider
. Fernando Ventureira, Chief Executive Officer , Stratence Partners Limited


Networking Break


Case study: SONM – the universal fog supercomputer

Olga Kazmina

Head of Communications


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SONM provides the possibility to solve non-deterministic tasks such as following:

– Site hosting

– Game servers

– Rendering video and CGI

– Web apps

– Neural Networks projects

Fog computing implemented in SONM provides a cheaper solution than private and monopolized cloud (Amazon, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc.) because of lower traffic expenses and no need for administration (buildings, staff, infrastructure).

. Olga Kazmina, Head of Communications, SONM


Case study: Validity Labs – Switzerland’s first blockchain school

André Wolke

Co-founder and CEO

Validity Labs

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Dr. Sebastian Bürgel

Co-Founder and CTO

Validity labs

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Validity Labs is a Swiss based premier education & consulting firm delivering high quality enterprise workshops to a generation of developers that leverage blockchain technology to improve how people trade, make contracts, build organisations and organize societies. We educate patrons so they can adapt early and exploit opportunities rather than being rolled over by the blockchain wave. Our courses, workshops and seminars provide hands-on education about smart contracts and the technology stack beneath it.


. André Wolke, Co-founder and CEO, Validity Labs
. Dr. Sebastian Bürgel, Co-Founder and CTO, Validity labs


Case study: Boost – web development backed by blockchain

Dmitry Bruso



Associated Talks:

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UI/UX DESIGN and WEB DEVELOPMENT backed by blockchain


. Dmitry Bruso, CTO, BoostSolutions


Case study: Dao Casino – gaming on the chain

Ksenya Belman

Business Development

DAO Casino

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In online gaming there are three main points where the trust can be exploited in the games (PRNG determining game results) centrally manages user account balances, and distribution of value vs contribution of value (that is typical to any industry, music, manufacturing etc)

Ethereum offers a good technology to solve it, because that’s exactly what smart contracts allows us to do – automate parts where trust is usually concentrated. While traditional online gambling industry requires expensive and exhausting continuous regulatory checks and certification in order to make it fair, that only large established companies can afford, integrity of data and code that Ethereum allows to make it fair by design. One of the main reasons why anyone on the internet can’t, legally speaking, be a casino is there was no way to create casinos that can’t cheat. Even though, not so many develop for Ethereum, games are a very popular application already.

DAO.Casino team decided to utilise integrity of data and code that Ethereum provides to cover all three layers:

Fair games, incorruptible account balances (that is really a bonus that comes with Ethereum based token balances), but also automatic distribution of rewards to all the contributors. All of it enables a new form of gambling industry, foundation for p2p markets and better customer protection.

We would like to present some components that we have designed and developed so far: PRNG method, reward system and a test UI.

. Ksenya Belman, Business Development, DAO Casino


Case study: – blockchain based distributed cloud computing

Gilles Fedak

CEO, Co-founder


Associated Talks:

View Full Info aims at providing distributed applications running on the blockchain a scalable, secure and easy access to the services, the data-sets and the computing resources they need. This technology relies on the Ethereum smart contracts and allows building a virtual Cloud infrastructure that provides high-performance computing services on demand.

We can now organize decentralized infrastructures and market places, where everyone will be able to rent its computing resources (CPU, storage, GPU, …), where the innovative SMEs which design Big Data and HPC applications will be able to sell them online immediately with the needed resources to run them, and where highly valued data-sets will be rentable with a fine-grain business model. Moreover, because the blockchain provides distributed consensus and resiliency while being fully distributed, we think that it’s going to change drastically the way we design distributed systems and applications.


. Gilles Fedak, CEO, Co-founder, iEx


Case study: ClearKarma – blockchain backed food traceability

Sylvie Chin

Founder and CEO


Associated Talks:

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ClearKarma paves the way for end-to-end traceability for ingredients used in the food industry, linking you to everyone else in the food supply-chain, all the way down to the consumer. Our cloud-based platform offers a global standard of trusted food information to verify and keep the history of all updates on the blockchain.

ClearKarma’s work collecting and structuring food Big Data will result in transparency on food content and origin traceability from farmer to consumer, allergen & special diets detection and a multilingual restaurant menu portal.

. Sylvie Chin, Founder and CEO, ClearKarma


PANEL DISCUSSION: Blockchain from the investor’s perspective: A VC view of the marketplace

Eddy Travia



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Alexander Ruppert


Earlybird Venture Capital

Associated Talks:

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David Stuck

Venture Capital Analyst

bmp Beteiligungsmanagement AG

Associated Talks:

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Zoe Adamovicz

Co-Founder & CEO


Associated Talks:

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  • The opportunities for blockchain from an investor and VC viewpoint
  • What are the advantages of blockchain to investors when compared to other emerging technologies?
  • What criteria are VC’s looking for to invest in blockchain start-ups
Moderator: . Eddy Travia, CEO, Coinsilium
. Alexander Ruppert, Associate, Earlybird Venture Capital
. David Stuck, Venture Capital Analyst, bmp Beteiligungsmanagement AG
. Zoe Adamovicz, Co-Founder & CEO , Neufund


Case study: Satoshi School

Toni Zettl


Satoshi School

Associated Talks:

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At Satoshi School we teach you how to use BitCoins and Blockchain for home, what it can do to your company and how much money you will save each month on to blockchain’s transactions and bitcoin fees.

. Toni Zettl, Founder, Satoshi School


Case study: StromDAO – blockchain for the energy sector

Stefan Thon



Associated Talks:

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  • How it fits into the bigger picture
  • What kind of applications can be build on top of it
  • How to use it / participate
. Stefan Thon, Co-founder , StromDAO


Case study: DTX – Telecommunications National Infrastructure project secured by Blockchain Technology

DT X is the future next generation of Telecommunication infrastructure merged with blockchain technology from which will make IOT and blockchain applications easier and more secure and more robust.

Education 4.0: Learning inclusion Telecommunication 4.0: Infrastructure Blockchain 4.0: Security & Transparency Energy 4.0: Smart Metering Banking 4.0: Financial Inclusion Industry 4.0: Smart Cities

. Lee Gibson Grant, Founder , DTX


Close of Conference

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