Day 1 - 19 June 2019

Blockchain Platforms & Strategies

The blockchain world moves at a frantic pace of innovation, with new platforms and applications emerging weekly. While ambitious enterprises are eager to get ahead of the game and adopt its disruptive potential, choosing the correct platform and adopting a clear strategy can be a mind-field.  If you are looking to adopt it for your business, you should be aware of the platforms and then take a systematic approach to developing your strategy to incorporate this platform. Enterprise adopters face challenges with a lack of standards and inter-operability issues, especially when taking the leap from pilots and PoCs to real production-grade environments. In this track you will hear first-hand from the platform developers and companies adopting strategies needed for implementation.


Blockchain Platforms & Strategies: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

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Keynote: Leveraging the correct platform for your business needs

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Hurdles to overcome moving from Pilot to POC

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Panel: The benefits and challenges of incorporating blockchain platforms into your business model

  • What competencies can blockchain technology deliver to business?
  • Implementing a successful strategy
  • What other hurdles must be overcome for full adoption?
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Networking Break


Panel: Governance and regulation in Blockchain business networks

  • Challenges blockchain technology presents for legislators and governments
  • The establishment of regulation and standards for interoperable blockchains – case examples
  • How will these address issues blockchain technology may present?
  • Examining the regulation and compliance challenges of deploying blockchain technologies across industry
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Unravelling the maze of providers – what works for your business

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Developing prototypes for blockchain services

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Networking Lunch


Afternoon keynote: Building and operating an enterprise ready blockchain platform

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Panel: The race towards Interoperability

  • Achieving the balance – discussing the trade-off between blockchain platforms security, privacy, efficiency, flexibility, ease of use, reliability and governance
  • What is Interoperability and how will it benefit blockchain users?
  • The ability to interoperate between blockchain platforms to achieve the balance– challenges and benefits.
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Permissioned and permissionless ledgers

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Networking Break


Blockchain as a service (BaaS) platforms

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Panel: Closing the Strategy gap – what next?

Now blockchain technology has been identified to have the possibly to solve some of the most pressing problems in business and society today, there is a large gap in these ideas becoming reality, mainly due to lack of effective strategy. Companies need to dismantle and re-evaluate old conceptions and business models for using the technology – but where to start?

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