Day 1 - 20 September 2022


Chairperson’s Welcome – An Introduction to Blockchain in Enterprise

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 


Presentation: What’s in Store for Enterprise Blockchain in 2023?

  • Projects to keep an eye on in in the next 12 months. 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – is the technology and the industry able to handle transactions of ownership? 
  • Surprise successes and unexpected failures – what are the takeaways from last year? 


The Process of Blockchain Evangelism – A Macro Perspective

  • Blockchain for the masses – which industries can Blockchain be introduced to in 2022? 
  • What hurdles might we see to mainstreaming blockchain? 
  • Recent use cases and benefits to society 


Presentation: A New Notion of Ownership

  • Does blockchain enable individuals to have more legal rights over their creations? 
  • How can this translate to business patents? 
  • Effects on the market – does a capitalist economy require more or less ownership to thrive? 


Networking Break


End of day


Actualising Blockchain in the Market – Partnerships, Sponsorships and Disputes

  • Blockchain project success – what are the indicators? 
  • Formula 1, PSG, UFC and Lega Serie A – all a step in the right direction? 
  • The steps of conflict resolution in an under-regulated world 


Panel: Blockchain For Growth

  • A look at enterprise expansion through the lens of blockchain utility  
  • Macro and Micro initiatives in the blockchain space 
  • Is there a ceiling to blockchain expansion? 


Presentation: Enterprise Resource Planning – the Next Big Thing

  • The benefits of being able to communicate along your supply chain 
  • ERPs to NRPs – mass networks enabling growth   
  • Efficiency and it’s trade-offs – the potential downsides of blockchain based ERPs 


Lunch break


Afternoon Keynote Presentation: The Blockchain Scalability Challenge

  • An overview of the problem – which contributing factors prevent scalability? 
  • The nitty gritty – technical modifications that could work to resolve these issues. 
  • How urgent is the need for scalability and which projects are looking likely to succeed? 


Educate and Regulate – Incentivising Blockchain Adoption

  • How much does lack of knowledge act as a barrier to entry? 
  • Thinking of your audience – the trade off between efficiency and stigma 
  • Translating blockchain into audience friendly terms 


Alex Popa

Associate Director – Blockchain for Pharma Supply Excellence


Associated Talks:

10:15AM - Day 2

View Presentation: Blockchain for the Pharma Supply Chain

03:10PM - Day 1

View Panel: The Privacy of Blockchain

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Panel: The Privacy of Blockchain

  • Is there such thing as complete anonymity with pure transparency? 
  • Are private blockchains a step towards centralisation? 
  • Blockchain and GDPR – a walk in the park or a minefield? 
. Alex Popa, Associate Director – Blockchain for Pharma Supply Excellence, MSD


Networking break


Thinking outside the box – what are the most exciting utilities of Blockchain in 2022?

  • Filecoin and decentralised data storage – taking power away from companies capitalising on data  
  • The financial world – decentralised derivatives and crypto-asset liquidity 
  • Defying convention – will we see further and more innovative methods of onboarding DLT?  


Presentation: Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

  • How can DAOs compliment traditional companies? 
  • Moving from a shareholder to stakeholder systems – the pros and cons. 
  • Fighting for labour – do DAOs represent a better alternative to traditional working environments? 


David Palmer

Blockchain Lead

Vodafone Business

Associated Talks:

04:50PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Web 3.0 – The Building Blocks for a New Enterprise Landscape

11:10AM - Day 1

View Keynote Panel: The Metaverse

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Presentation: Web 3.0 – The Building Blocks for a New Enterprise Landscape

  • Why decentralise? The fall-backs of a centralised data infrastructure system. 
  • What does the third-generation internet offer to business? 
  • Applying to the scope of industry – who will benefit the most? 
. David Palmer, Blockchain Lead, Vodafone Business

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