Testimonials from Blockchain Expo Europe
1-2 June 2017

“Thanks a lot again for the great event yesterday. You just put the whole topic on a new level. It is extremely professional and I only received extremely positive feedback from all persons. I hope that my presentation also reached expectations – but the feedback was also good and lot of people contacted me afterwards. Hope to be able to join your next events as well. They are just great! Congratulations :)”

Paul Kammerer – VP Corporate Strategy & DLT (Blockchain) Lab at Commerzbank AG


“Blockchain is the database of all transactions in an ecosystem. BLOCKCHAIN EXPO is the event embracing all relevant developments in the global Blockchain ecosystem. One can therefore conclude that in a symbolic way BLOCKCHAIN EXPO is ‘the Blockchain of Blockchain.”

David Gyori, Founding Member of World FinTech Association


Blockchain Expo has been the perfect occasion to meet other important actors from the blockchain industry, and also some of our future users or contributors. It’s for us the perfect mix to explain the project, and make some connections. We are looking forward to participate to the next Blockchain Expo event!

Alon Muroch, CEO, CoinDash


“The ElectriCChain and SolarCoin were excited to participating to the Blockchain Expo Europe event at the Estrel in Berlin and presenting Blockchain Solutions and new business models for energy and renewable energy companies. We believe SolarCoin will have a positive impact by adding value to the entire solar chain of value and by complementing Peer-to-Peer Blockchain trading solutions, thereby incentivizing Prosumers toards the Energy Transition”

François Sonnet, SolarChange & Solcrypto Advisor, ElectriCChain Co-Founder 


“The Blockchain Expo was a unique opportunity to meet the most well-known Berlin-based thought leaders and visionaries from the Blockchain industry. Together with the other tracks on Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence the conference evolved into a high-focused think tank for futurism – awesome!”

Max Kordek, President, Lisk Foundation


“Being part of the Blockchain Expo helped me make a few really valuable connections. It was the most relevant trade show to my business, focusing specifically on my topic, and being part of it helped put my business at the forefront of people’s minds.”

Nathan Williams, Founder, Minespider


“We are very happy about our decision to co-locate the Interledger workshop at Blockchain Expo in Berlin. The set of attendees was among the highest calibre I’ve seen at any blockchain event, the venue was great and the organization was smooth throughout.”

Stefan Thomas, CTO, Ripple


“Blockchain Expo Berlin was very inspiring. Great content, inspiring crowd and a very nice location!”

Pieter Haasnoot, Founder, Publicism


“I was a delighted to attend an excellently organized and attended event. The chance to participate was especially valuable in both representing our businesses activity in blockchain technology as well as learning how other business are applying this revolution tech. I look forward to the next opportunity to attend and warmly welcome the chance to participate again.”

Karl Brand, Data Insights and Visualization Excellence, Bayer


“My cofounders and I were delighted to be part of the informative and lively Blockchain Expo in Berlin. With all the positive feedback we have received and knowledge we gained, Blockchainsmokers are accelerating our ICO plans for Blockchainsmokers and will be adding this option for some of our partner companies.  This is the start of a paradigm shift and Blockchain Expo is a critical part of telling the story…”

Daniel Doll-Steinberg Investor, Blockchain Smokers


“Thank you for your assistance and for making the expo experience an awesome one for us.”



“Blockchain Expo always bring together some of the most exciting companies in the space, with a broad range of industry applications of cutting edge decentralised tech.”

Matt Brinkworth, Campaign Manager at JAAK


“It was a pleasure to participate. the panels, talks, booth and workshop were all perfectly hosted. Thanks a lot for the excellent organization.”

Dimitri de Jonghe, Co-Founder, BigChainDB


“The best place to experience the fourth industrial revolution with AI, IOT and Blockchain in the same space.”

Mark Simpson, RBS


“I loved to hear VCs taking the upcoming token economy serious!”

PD Dr. Soenke Bartling, Founder, www.blockchainforscience.com


“Well organized event, allowing an international audience to learn more about disruptive technologies, great experience to share the stage at a panel with a well-rounded mix of innovative minds.”

Nikola Stojanow, Founder, aeternity


“Blockchain’s technology potential lays in collaboration on open source solutions across industries. It is crucial to bring partners from all domains to one room to implement interoperable tools that will be useful in the future and Blockchain Expo did so in Berlin, over two days with aplomb.”

Marta Piekarska, Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger 


“BlockchainExpo is a brilliant concept. It’s the first event to enable a cross-industry exchange of blockchain knowledge. Here, you get to know the latest in core technology while you can discuss the specific demand of your industry. Being part of the music panel in particular has been a great opportunity to shine a light on the essentials whether and how to integrate blockchain in entertainment business.”

Wolfgang Senges, Business Advisor – Music & Technology, ContentSphere


“Exciting to see how blockchain technology has gone from a niche to mainstream topic and the Blockchain Expo really proved that for me!”

Peter Harris, Founder, Resonate

Testimonials from Blockchain Expo Global
23-24 January 2017

“The interest at Blockchain Expo was evidenced by the sheer number of people trying to get in to the conference hall. I think it would have still been full if it were twice the size! A great, well-organised event”

David Janczewski, Head of New Business & Strategic Intelligence, The Royal Mint


“A great event, blockchain is indeed the disruptive force for the digital age; highly relevant content; engaging speakers; excellent networking.”

Neil Pennington, Innovator, Distributed Technologies


“Great energy and remarkable interest from the audience, Blockchain Expo revealed that 2017 is a trigger year for Blockchain technology”

Yacine Teraï / Blockchain Consultant, Investment & Education, Coinsilium 


“Blockchain, IoT and AI together will change the way we live and work – this is what we are co-creating”

Paul J du Plessis, Head of Partnerships, Monax


“Blockchain Expo is now the event in London for anyone interested in Blockchain, a perfect blend of key industry players, great content and thought leaders. Great fun and I will definitely be there in 2018”

Nick Ayton, Blockchain Writer, Speaker, Evangelist


“It is exciting to see the growing interest in the intersection of 4th industrial revolution technologies like IoT and Blockchain. SettleMint is developing solutions for industry at this very crossroad as we are clearly headed towards a blockchain enabled future reaching far beyond financial services and touching every industry. The Expo brought together key players in both spaces in an interactive way so it was very exciting to be part of the first Global Blockchain and IoT Expo where technological convergence was clearly on the agenda!”

Matthew Van Niekerk, Founder & CEO, SettleMint


“A great opportunity to form ideas on innovating with Blockchain. The keen interest from the audience was well met by a great line-up of experts sharing their knowledge.”

Florentin Albu, CIO, Ofgem E-Serve


“Blockchain Expo London was a great success for us. We had a constant flow of visitors at our stand and the panel I was part of was extremely well attended. The overall quality of the audience was very high and we will gladly attend future Blockchain Expo events. I believe the secret of Blockchain Expo’s success is the shared audience with IoT Tech Expo. These two industries have a lot of overlap and their exchange will create an innovative combined ecosystem.”

Meinhard Benn, Satoshipay


“CrossVerify attended what must be a unique blockchain event. Blockchain Expo. As opposed to other conferences this event, as i am sure Berlin and Santa Clara will also follow suit, was one where Blockchain startups that had product and an audience that had interest in using solutions was prevalent. This makes Berlin and Santa Clara exciting events where I am sure blockchain starts up’s monetising Blockchain solutions will be present, and an audience looking to be involved in those solutions.”

Carl Weir, CEO, CrossVerify Ltd.


“To put a couple of blockchain enthusiasts in a room and hold an event is easy, but to have the right people, the right topics and the right passion is a great challenge – that is what the organizers of the Blockchain Expo have reached. Great event”

Paul Kammerer, Specialist Corporate Strategy, Commerzbank AG


“I was impressed by the quality and variety of topics at the event. Great organization! It was a pleasure to help contribute.”

Chris Huls, Blockchain Specialist, Rabobank


“A big thank you for including us in the Blockchain Expo this week – it was a great event which exceeded all of our expectations. The attendance figures and delegate quality was fantastic and we have lots of follow-ups off the back of it.”

Taya Vernon, Head of Marketing, Fintricity


“A brilliant and very well attended conference!”

Joanna Hubbard, COO, Electron


“The Blockchain Expo conference worked really well for us. We received a lot of exposure and were inundated with high quality enquiries.”

Adi Ben-Ari, Applied Blockchain


“It is often as not at many expos to meet many interesting people who like your technology and that’s it! What we at Chainvine found extraordinary about Blockchain Expo was the amount wanting to use and try/test our technology as a result of being there. The quality of visitors to our booth was great IT professionals, Senior decision makers fellow industry professionals working with large organisations all willing to work/collaborate with up and coming tech companies. Almost one week on and we are still receiving solid interest as a result of our participation, our speech was moderated by Nick Ayton someone who knows our sector extremely well so all round it was a good couple of days for us, thanks to the organisers, look forward to more!”

Oliver N Oram, CEO, Chainvine Ltd


“The London IoT and Blockchain Expo 2017 was a fantastic event bringing together a variety of ecosystems and vibrant tech communities in one place. Many recognized thought leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses contributed to a very valuable market place of knowledge, products and inspiration. The event helped me to further develop a sustainable network of businesses.”

Carsten Stoeker, Innogy


“A brief email to thank TechForge for the excellent IoT event at Olympia. It was a very well organised event and we made a number of good contacts at it.”

Garfield Smith, Garfield Smith Solicitors Limited

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