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  • Protecting and promoting innovation is complex, costly, and misaligned with the needs of those that are at the source of innovation, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 
  • Companies that have the potential to disrupt are getting left behind because they do not have the resources to innovate. 
  • Patents fuel innovation by allowing SMEs to build upon technologies and be at the forefront of technological advancement. 
  • IPwe aims to balance the interest of technology innovators and users to promote innovation, adoption, and commercial development through its shared ‘pools’ of innovation called Smart Pools. 

Associated Speakers:

Lavinia Meliti

Global Head of Business Development


Associated Talks:

02:30PM - Day 1

View VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: IP & Innovation: Encouraging Adoption of Emerging Technologies

02:30PM - Day 1

View Presentation: IP & Innovation, Breaking the Status Quo

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