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    Day 2


  • Sustaining Merck Group’s heritage as “Guardians of Quality” for product quality testing in an M2M-connected world
  • Use Case: Solving customer problems in the cannabis industry with blockchain: Why trust, credibility and data assurance matter for cannabis testing labs in the US
  • Leveraging Merck Group’s patented M-Trust Blockchain platform and technology to develop “CertForward” – a digital, tamper-proof means of receiving, uploading, and sharing Certificates of Analysis
  • Challenges for Corporate Innovators when developing blockchain-based business models

Associated Speakers:

Helena Grabarevic

Director Innovation and R&D Transformation for the Life Science Business of Merck

Merck Life Science KGaA

Associated Talks:

02:00PM - Day 2

View Panel: Blockchain Unchained: Driving Enterprise Growth Through Innovation

10:45AM - Day 2

View Presentation: Leveraging Blockchain Technology To Build Trust In Laboratory Data – How the Life Science Business of Merck Developed A Blockchain-Based Business Model in North America

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