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  • Arguments that blockchain is just one of many databases that is not yet very good, or very fast, or very scalable,
  • Understanding that what blockchain does, it does very well.
  • Examining if it will take an open model to build out the protocols – the transformation process.
  • Exploring why blockchain will become transformative where authenticity is critical, which gets you to things like global clearance, the global supply chain, healthcare, and aerospace
  • Coopetition’ between and across industries, and around the world

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Associated Speakers:

Dale Chrystie

Business Fellow & Blockchain Strategist | Chairman

FedEx | BiTA Standards Council

Associated Talks:

12:20PM - Day 1

View Virtual Panel: Will corporate competitive culture trump or boost the possibilities of public blockchains?

10:00AM - Day 1

View Presentation: Coopetition in Blockchain – Team-Building for the 21st Century

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