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AI Innovation Japan has made an alliance with BMI Group that is a global accounting audit company with 60 branches in the world. Therefore our clients are qualified firms that passed Business Due Diligence.

Japanese market is waiting for the emancipation of ICO on Japan’s cryptocurrency exchanges.

We are conducting ICO for various BLOCKCHAIN-projects for the qualified firms.

  1. Artwork Trading Platform  – WHS Token
  2. Venture Company Supporting Platform – BMI Token
  3. DNA Data Verification Platform – DNA Token
  4. Innovative medical and information management system – RIK Token
  5. Jewelry Stone Trading Platform – AKI Token
  6. Video Evaluation Platform – DOR Token

More to come within this year…AI Innovation Japan is already a leading ICO incubator

even before Japan’s ICO rush gets started.

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Hideki Ehara


AI Innovation Japan

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04:50PM - Day 1

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