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Elastos has been going on for the past 18 years.

There are three periods of IT  industry: the PC period, selling software; the big data period,  monetize others data; the Blockchain Technology, cyber life, where individuals owning digital assets.

To own your own data, you have to own the code which interpret your data.  You need virtual machines to fend off viruses.  We also need virtual machines to check the block chain for scarcity.

The current web is a web of information (data). The next web  is the web of value , i.e., internet of code.

Four kinds of DApps:

  1.  Media player is the biggest middle man.
  2.  Websites/Web Services could be evil to.
  3.  IoT Carriers might be listening to your Kid’s bedtime stories.
  4.  Consensus-based web services.

Associated Speakers:

Rong Chen

Chairman of Elastos Foundation/ Original Author of Elastos Project

Beijing Elastos Technology Co.,Ltd

Associated Talks:

04:00PM - Day 1

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