Serge Beck is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, IT specialist, and CEO and Founder of Optherium, a global fintech research and development company building transformative blockchain solutions to reform defective functions within financial and security infrastructure. Beck is driven by his belief that people deserve sounder, more secure financial services in our tech-driven world and is committed to eradicating current problems detrimental to end-user experience through the creation of synergized, decentralized products. Earlier in his career, Beck was responsible for engineering some of the most critical and innovative technological infrastructure at premier US financial institutions, including Bear Stearns, Republic National Bank, HSBC Bank and Merrill Lynch, where he revolutionized the way market participants could operate through advanced software development. Beck went on to found and serve as CEO of Bellaria Enterprise, a global production and distribution company. He is currently authoring a book aiming to inform people on the life-altering potential that blockchain technology possesses.

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