Rong Chen graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing, in 1982, with a BEng degree in Computer Science.  Rong received his MS degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) in 1987, also in Computer Science.  Rong had focused his research interests on operating systems and object-oriented programming models since 1985.

Rong Chen was a Microsoft veteran of 1992-2000. He collaborated in the development of a Microsoft Research OS kernel, IE3 ActiveX, Ole Automation, DCOM, .NET among other projects.

Rong founded Kortide in 2000 in Beijing, to design and to implement his own operating system, Elastos, from scratch, including boot loader, kernel, graphics, network, browser, etc.

In 2004, Rong became CEO of Kortide, and the whole Elastos team had moved to Shanghai to design Elastos version 2.0 for Smartphones, which was finished by the end of 2006.

May of 2013, Elastos received new founding from Foxconn Group to design an OS for Industrial IoT and smart-homes, hoping to provide an open source version of a service-oriented and reflection-based (meta-data driven) framework in C/C++ to facilitate the future of Universal Apps.

June of 2017, Rong and friends launched the Elastos Foundation for crypto-tokens, to turn Elastos into a decentralized Internet OS, relying on blockchains to authenticate user IDs, application IDs, as well as machine IDs.  To build a flourishing ecosystem, anybody may feel free to implement his/her own markets, social apps, search engines, location based services, advertisement agents.

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