Rudolf van Ee is an Entrepreneur in Technology and Talent, with a focus on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. He is building the Dutch Blockchain Eco-system to make The Netherlands the most significant Blockchain Hub in Europe.

“Via various initiatives and ventures, I create awareness for the opportunities we have to design solutions that add value and provide us with the hope of a future of global prosperity. I’m driven by building meaningful relationships, delivering solutions, creating added value and connecting people.

The flaws in our economic system and the challenges our society currently faces, such as inequality, automation, climate change and the lack of trust; require new business models.

Emerging technologies, like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, are disrupting existing business models and our current workforce. Blockchain provides the infrastructure for transactions of value that are trustworthy, transparent and efficient. It gives people the possibility to transact peer-to-peer. We are global citizens that exchange and experience in the open-source culture and sharing economy. This means opportunity for everyone to contribute and collaborate.”

Involved in the following ventures:

– Blockchain Talent Lab (Blockchain Education and Careers)
– Blockchain Netherlands (Community / Platform)
– Hyperledger Netherlands (Meetups/ Events)
– Badablock (Blockchain Staffing Solutions Product)