Peter Harris is the Founder of Resonate.

As a web developer since the 90’s (when page load times were counted in minutes, not seconds) Peter has built hundreds of sites across dozens of industries.

From 1999 to 2004 he worked as Art Director for McCartney Multimedia in Los Angeles, working with numerous musicians from struggling artists to mid-level bands and platinum-selling superstars. (Clint Black, Richie Sambora, Leann Rimes, America, Edgar Winter and REO Speedwagon just to name a few.) As the Napster crisis unfolded in the early 2000’s, the hot topic on everyone’s lips was how the internet would eventually liberate artists. A promise yet to be fulfilled – until now.

Simultaneous to his day job as web developer, Peter also experimented as a DJ and electronica producer, using virtually every web and music publishing platform available. Finding them all lacking, this combination of background and insight is what led to the fundamental features to be offered via Resonate.

Beyond Resonate, Peter is actively contributing to groups and initiatives seeking to create a blockchain-based standard for music metadata and licensing.

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